One Thoresby Street presents Rushmore / Cvnttraxxx / & Aerial

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  • RUSHMORE One half of London club night House Of Trax, and owner of label Trax Couture. Rushmore's mix of old way Vogue, UK club music and New way Vogue beats are at the forefront of a burgeoning scene brewing here in the UK. Recent gigs in Tokyo and Hong Kong have seen his work translate on a global level, this spring he's set to carry out a slew of dates across UK and Europe. CVNT TRAXXX CVNT Traxxx (aka The Niallist) is at the forefront of pioneering vogue culture in the UK. Resident DJ at the UK's longest running vogue functions, the House Of Suarez Ball in Liverpool/Manchester and Vogue Brawl in Manchester, not to mention functions in Berlin and Paris, Niallist is also a proficient writer on voguing, having pieces published by FACT, The Quietus, Boing Boing and Thump (Vice). AQWEA AND 199? (AERIAL) Launched in the summer of 2014, AERIAL is a London based event pushing all that is past, present and new in club music. Founded by DJs/Producers 199? and AQWEA, their sets explore a mutual appreciation for the aesthetics found in 90's club music, Vogue soundtracks and newer forms of instrumental genres. Following their successful nights, AERIAL have recently expanded into a monthly show on Radar Radio and are preparing to release an exclusive compilation with various UK & US artists this spring. Ni-Kü Ni-Kü is a DJ, Sound Artist and Vocalist based in Brighton. He's played Vogue Trax mixed with darker UK forms to floors in Brighton, London, and at last year's Voguing party in the Attic in Nottingham and is hype to come back and werq with the Nottingham runway once more. DANCING// Benjamin Milan & David Magnifique Benjamin Milan is a Voguer from the legendary House of Milan. Learned the art form and culture of Voguing from his time living in NYC. He is also a contemporary dancer trained at The Place in London. Credits include Kylie Minogue, FKA twigs, Madonna's afterparty freestyle dancer, Grand Prize Winner New Way at Paris Awards Ball 2015, London Fashion Week, Boy George... David Magnifique "When I was first introduced to the style of vogue there was hardly anyone doing it, and from what I saw I was not impressed. From a young age I had always been fascinated with the dance form and seeing what I saw in real life I was not fascinated. I was at an age where I was still trying to find myself and find my dance language. So I said to myself "I am going to learn this dance form, practice, train and educate myself so hard that I will be known for being the best voguer in London and the face of London voguing. After 2 years of transforming into this fierce, fabulous diva I was contacted by the Mother himself Princess Magnifique Royalty, of the Legendary, Iconic, New York House Of Magnifique and asked to join and become a member of the house. Now we are here in 2015 and I am the face of voguing in London." This is an introductory workshop to Voguing, explaining the foundations of the style, going through the 5 elements and learning how to pose, WERK the runway, and embrace how Voguing is a celebration of individuality and being free to express yourself, without judgement. Owning it. WORKSHOPS, DANCERS AND DJS will all be here to thrust you into cutting edge, shape shaving divas. Join us 3- 6pm to learn from the fabulous Benjamin Milan and David Magnifique and from 10pm - 5am to dance / strut / beat til the sun rises.
  • One Thoresby Street presents Rushmore / Cvnttraxxx / & Aerial - Flyer front