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  • Osea is an inhabited island off the east coast of England, with a rich and illustrious history, home to philosophers, painters and photographers. Such a veritably versatile location seems ideal for the unique and exceptionally intimate UK debut of Innervisions' legendary outdoor party Lost In A Moment together with Dixon, Âme (live + DJ) and Marcus Worgull. TERMS & CONDITIONS - Tickets Holders Saturday 19 Sept - Lost In A Moment at Osea Island We’re thrilled to be producing Lost In A Moment’s debut U.K. show at Osea Island. This is an extremely special one-day event at a rarely used, stunning island off the coast of Heybridge / Maldon. Because of the uniqueness of this event there are stipulations all ticket holders need to adhere to. Please read the below Terms and Conditions before you purchase your ticket. 1. TRAVEL Access to the island is via one causeway only accessible twice a day when the tide is out. We are bussing everyone onto the island during the morning time slot and everyone off the island during the evening slot. A. You must buy a ticket via RA to include entrance and travel by coach to get you to and from the island. There is no access via any other means. Please do not drive or attempt public transport, as it will not be possible. Due to the high demand for Lost In A Moment at Osea Island, U.K. we are making two tickets available per person. We want to give everyone a fair chance of attending the event and with a small capacity this will provide the best opportunity for those wanting to come. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday 10th June at 3pm (GMT) via Resident Advisor. Thanks B. Pick up is at 07:00AM from an East London location, which will be communicated in due course. Pick up is at this time to ensure all ticket holders are on the island before the tide comes in and the causeway is underwater. Please do not be late; we accept no liability whatsoever for anyone missing this time slot. C. Once you arrive on the island and the tide is in there is no way to get off the island. Therefore please come prepared with warm and rain proof clothes for the day. Plus any medicine for individual medical requirements. D. All coaches are leaving as soon as the music finishes 09:00PM in order to get back over the causeway while the tide is out. Please make your way immediately to the coaches (same location on the island as to where they dropped you off) as soon as you have collected anything stored in the cloakroom. E. Arrival back in London will be approx. 02:00AM and drop off will be in Zone 2, close to night buses, taxi ranks and 24-hour tube if they are in commission by this date. F. Unfortunately the coaches do not allow any alcohol on board, please don’t bring any! You can bring soft drinks and your breakfast. 2. AMENITIES A. There are no cash machines on the island so please bring enough cash for the day. B. Everything is cash only apart from the bar, which will take cards (excluding AMEX) over £10. The bar will take cash and card and be serving a variety of deliciously refreshing drinks. C. There will be a cloakroom with plenty of room for your bags and jackets. D. We’re delighted to have a very special guest food vendor (TBA) and they will be open from 11:00AM – 09:00PM serving a range of meat and veggie options. E. There is a heated swimming pool! So feel free to bring your swimmers, speedos and towels. There will be basic male and female changing rooms; don’t expect hairdryers. Swimming is at your own risk. EVERYTHING ELSE A. We want to go back to Osea! Please look after the island and treat it as you would your home. Please put litter in the bins, use the loos not the grounds/swimming pool. B. Resident Advisor’s ticket re sale service will be on offer once the event sells out: residentadvisor.net C. It is going to be a long day, please come prepared! D. Do not swim in the sea. Just don’t. Please. E. Music starts at 11:00AM and finishes at 09:30PM F. Looking forward to having an exceptional and unique day! A NOTE ABOUT TICKETING PRICE Lost In A Moment Osea Island for its first year is limited to 500 people. Consequently the ticket price is high, as it has to cover the substantial costs of producing a quality show on the island. We think it will be worth it and we’re working really hard to plan a brilliant day. The Hydra & Innervision’s artists are producing this event for no profit. Please understand the costs behind producing an event of this nature in such a rare and stunning setting.
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