Silent Discussion presents - Terry Whyte

  • Scottish DJ/Producer Terry Whyte has become an established name on the Scottish clubbing circuit since debuting in Paisley’s notorious Club 69 back in 2007. Studying Audio Engineering and getting to know the Glasgow party scene like the back of his hand throughout much of his twenties, he has a profound understanding of the intricacies of sound technology as well as what makes a club full of ardent techno fans tick. In 2001 after being blown away by Sasha and Digweed’s ultra-tight mixing and well-constructed sets in Space Ibiza, Terry was first inspired to invest in his first set of 1210’s and emulate their impressive beat-matching skills. Later influenced by the unmistakable minimal style of Hawtin and Co.’s Minus offerings, establishing a memorable sound of his own seems to have come naturally to Terry. Rolling bass-driven grooves that’ll have your shoulder twitching form the spine of his journey like sets, only taking his crowd to darker and more twisted places when they’re ready. Regulars on Glasgow’s underground party scene and at infamous venues including The Arches are already well used to that trademark sound. Audiences in Germany are now becoming equally familiar as his bookings on the continent become more frequent. Already a regular on the bill at Hamburg's PLUX parties and having recently debuted at Berlin's iconic midweek party 'Dienstagswelt' and further afield in Budapest, Terry is set to continue adding new venues to his CV. Whether on tour or at one of his own legendary parties at home, sharing the decks with influential names like Matador, Miro Pajic, Gary Beck, Alexi Delano and Uto Karem has proved Terry is capable of holding his own with the best. Now with his own imprint ‘Creepy Finger Recordings’, launched in 2012 with DJ friend Nino Blink, Terry has received rave reviews as a highly prolific producer and attracted support from the likes of Luciano, Nick Warren, Troy Pierce and Richie Hawtin. Having also signed with Germany's 'Der Hut' and Argentina's 'Krad Records', Terry’s releases are featuring consistently in the Beatport charts and his remix of The Badgers' 'Deep Dark Mood' claimed the site's Minimal Techno's number 1 spot. With no shortage of new tracks on the way and a seemingly endless queue of big names willing to give their support, the future is looking increasingly bright for this talented DJ.
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