No Historical Backspin

  • Ultra conservative and right-wing movements and political parties such as Pegida, Hogesa, Mvgida and AfD / NPD may be corroding these days – but that doesn’t mean that racism und everyday resentment against migrants is a relict of the past. Parts of Germany’s and Europe’s society are on a constant swing to the right – the project No Historical Backspin (initiated by Monika Kruse) is setting a strong example for tolerance and togetherness since the year 2000. No Historical Backspin and Monika Kruse will be hosting a charity party at Berghain on Thursday 12 March, all admission charges will be donated to Amadeu Antonio Stiftung and its Opferfonds CURA, which offers help for victims of right-wing and extremist violence. For this year’s edition of No Historical Backspin various DJs will be playing honorary solo and back-to-back sets on Berghain’s main and coatcheck floors, emphasizing that mainly instrumental, electronic music in general and Techno / House music in particular is not unpolitical, in fact DJs, producers and patrons can set a strong signal on the dancefloor pro diversity and contra rightist attitudes. “No one should be discriminated against, hindered or hurt because of their personal backround, race, gender, belief, physical challenges or sexual orientation – be it in Germany or elsewhere. We’re against all forms of discrimination – be it sexism, homophobia, or anti-Semitism. 70 years after the National Socialist tyranny in Germany we’d like to celebrate society’s diversity through music, joy and togetherness and set an example for tolerance, which should go without saying for a mutual, peaceful future.” (Monika Kruse, initiator of No Historical Backspin)
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