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    Chris Domingo
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  • Go Clubnights is proud to present Chris Domingo, Saturday October 18th @ Sky60. Free entry with password "d-pulse". More info on goclubnights.com Two time GRAMMY nominee. Founder of db Records , Breaks Collective Records , Loveclub, Domingo Brothers, and Chakra Blue.Currently a partner and distributor with d-Pulse distribution . One of the most powerful distributors on the net. One of the original old school dj's from Orlando. Playing land mark clubs like The Abyss, Firestone, Infinity, Outer Limits, Fl. Theater and UV. Spinning as well as producing records in Orlando for over a decade. Originally from San Francisco Chris Domingo got an early start DJ’ing in 1986. He then landed an assistant engineering job in 1990. That’s when Chris met Raul “DJ EXF” Recinos whom helped Chris to release his first record in 1990. Continuing his engineering he moved to Florida in 1991. He continued to study at various engineering schools. Chris arrived back in EDM in 1996. He co-founded db Records and spawned the production group, ‘Loveclub.’ In 1996 he released a record titled, “Journey.” First distributed in the U.S. , the