Bomb The Bass Live

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    Bomb The Bass take 'Future Chaos' to the stage for an intimate one off show at Proud in Camden on 7th November. UK tour to follow in 2009.
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  • A fully realised album of cutting edge 21st Century pop music" Clash "At points it's breathtaking" BBC Music "Spooky electro blues" Mixmag "A very good comeback album" Future Music Bomb the Bass is back, but put away that smiley face: this is no nostalgia trip. With 'Future Chaos', Tim Simenon revamps his long-running project to produce a record that's fresher than anyone might have expected from an outfit that got its start in the '80s. Tickling tweeters and pushing the limits of low-end, the album hovers confidently on the cusp between futurism and vintage, boasting the sort of confident song writing that's a rarity anywhere, much less in electronic music. Simenon calls it 'electronic music with soul', but that barely begins to describe it. At once lush and chilly, intimate and alien, 'Future Chaos' is a synth-rich album boasting guest vocals from Jon Spencer, Mark Lanegan, Fujiya & Miyagi's David Best, Toob and Paul Conboy.
  • Bomb The Bass Live - Flyer front