Silent Beats 3 Years Anniversary Pres. Markus Suckut

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    • Lotstraat 6, 1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium
  • Date
    Fri, 6 Mar 201522:00 - 06:00
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    Silent Beats
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    • 11
  • SILENT BEATS 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY After a short break we are ready to treat you for a night that you will never forget. Silent Beats, it's all about the rawness of Techno. Remember last year with Pfirter and Forest People? This time we're inviting none other than Markus Suckut and Kalden Bess to provide you a night full of dark, deep and raw sounds that ensures an excellent atmosphere. - LINE-UP - MARKUS SUCKUT (DE) Markus’ own musical history began in 1999, at the brink of the new millennium an interest in electronic music was awakened in the young, Germany-based Markus. He began to teach himself to mix and within a few short years his first productions followed. His own productions are best described plainly and simply with the word techno, techno which often and willingly becomes dub. His sets are wide reaching, and even if they have a common basis it’s difficult to describe what exactly they have in common. Perhaps it is soul, a bit of dreaminess and a tendency towards melancholy that best characterise Markus and his music. He released on top notch labels like Figure, Cocoon, Repitch, his own label 'SCKT' and many more... FB: SC: KALDEN BESS (CAN) Kalden started off his career in 2008 when he began making music from his basement in montreal, a few months later, His first release hit the shelf and went on TOP10 on the first week. At the start of 2009, Kalden launched the Ground Factory label to promote his music. By doing so, he quickly made a name for himself with his quality brand of techno. His work and special touch he calls 'dirty sexy' techno gave him the chance to work with many established producer and labels such as Gary Beck, Drumcell, Pfirter and many more. Currently working on his debut album, 'Kalden' is ready to set his new touch of techno around the globe. Be ready. its gonna be a bumpy ride! FB: SC: KIDS AT THE TURNTABLE FB: SC: KITCH FB: SC: FRENTEK FB: SC: - SOUNDSYSTEM - We offer you the best soundsystem in the world, FUNKTION ONE ! - ENTRANCE - Doors open from 22h until 06h ! Before 23h: € 5, - After 23h: € 7, - +18 ONLY !
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