Droid Behavior - Interface 23 - 6 Year Anniv

  • http://droidbehavior.com/flyer/posterresized.jpg <b>Saturday October 18th Interface 23.0 by Droid Behavior</b> <b>DROID 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY</b> In 6 years Droid Behavior has contributed heavily to the nightlife land scape. Our collaborations with like minded groups Smog, Dark Matter, Compression, Deepermoods, Icomplex, Detund and others have sought to integrate sub cultures as well as debut both the cutting edge talents and classics of <b>Surgeon, Speedy J, Modeselektor, Vex'd, Jahcoozi, DBX, Alexander Robotnick, and Apparatt</b> to LA's underground and mainstream club scene. As a record label, Droid has received international notoriety with heavy play, charting and support from the DJ industry and press who have all considered Droid recordings as part of the next wave of American techno. Please join us as we celebrate and pay homage to those who have helped build a movement. <b>TECHNO:HOUSE:MINIMAL:ACID</b> Dustin Zahn (Live) Enemy Rec : Drumcode // Minn Kyle Geiger Drumcode // Ind Acid Circus (Live) Droid Behavior // LA Drumcell Droid Behavior // LA Subversive Droid Behavior // LA Andrew Kelley + Frank Fader + Zavier Lifestyle // LA <i><b>droid.07 record release - analog god e.p.</b></i> <b>ELECTRO:EXPERIMENTAL:CORE Co-hosted by F.I. + Baseck</b> Jimmy Edgar (Live) Warp : Detund. // NYC + Detroit Richard Devine (Live) Warp : Schematic : Sublight // ATL Surachai (Live) Fathme // Chi Derek Michael (Live) Detund : FI // LA Baseck Darkmatter : Addict // LA Eustachain (Live) Fathme // LA Slyten vs General Malice N20 :: Dubchamber :: Ghettolife // LA Tleilaxu Music Machine (Live) Minor // LA Eezir (Live) FI // LA <i>visual experiments by skewfm + guests</i> 10pm - 8am :: $15/20 :: 18+/21+ RSVP: [email protected] info: 323.743.8419 groovetickets.com droidbehavior.com myspace.com/droidbehavior <b>OUT NOW....DROID.07 // DUSTIN ZAHN - ANALOG GOD EP</b> http://droidbehavior.com/flyer/77.jpg
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