Gary's Gang presents: The Gary Off

  • How many Djs does it take to run a club night? In the case of Gary’s Gang, far too many. But then if there wasn’t so many of us we couldn’t put on a night with as stupid an idea as 8-FUCKING-DJs-BACK-TO-BACK could we? Have we even figured out how many records we’ll get to play each? No. Is it 4? Is it 10? How many will miss a turn cause they were getting baked out the back? 3? 7? Will everyone else have presumed one of the others brought headphones and needles? Yes. Will the mixer make it to midnight before being redlined to the max ‘cause every dj HAS to turn it up a bit when he goes on? Doubtful. Will it be more reckless and unpredictable and thus more fun than 90% of big names act you are usually paying too much to see? Obviously yes. See you there. Gary’s Gang : THE GARY OFF Sam, Phil, Dave, Kenny, Dan, Dan, Paudi, Shane B2B All night. Free in Coming soon : Sex Gary Mania.
  • Gary's Gang presents: The Gary Off - Flyer front