Melody Ballroom presents Smallville Records Party

  • In May 2005 Smallville record shop was opened in Hamburg St.Pauli by Julius Steinhoff , Stella and Peter Kersten. Following this in early 2006 Julius began to organize regular Smallville parties in Hamburg in clubs like Golden Pudel, Ubel, Gefaehrlich, Planeten and Blumen. Now on 18th October Melody Ballroom will be bringing the Smallville party to the UK for the very first time. Julius Steinhoff and Smallvilles newest addition, Sven Tasnadi will be behind the turntables for this unique night. Julius back in his early years of punk music played the drums, which obviously later played a major development in his love for house and techno. His first track on vinyl was released in 2006 on Smallville ‘Chestnuts Way’. Joining Julius will be Sven Tasnadi. Born in 1978, Sven came in contact with music early in his life. Starting with a most simple set-up of a sampler plus one drum machine, he had to learn it the arduous way. After many years Sven developed his individuality by producing many styles of music, which include ambient, trip hop, electro and minimal. Today, he marvels at the abilities Ableton’s Live is offering and continues to push the boundaries of music technology.
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