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    Nappy Head Kaytodad & D lux Krewzader Commix [UK] Silent Witness [UK] Lady Vortex [BE]
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  • Taking drum and bass clubwards was just a next step for the genre, after it had steadily made itself a way to a broader audience. In 2002, four young men team up to set up a small weekly drum and bass night. The party is called STEAM, is held at Decadance (Ghent) and is the first dnb weekly in Belgium. Amongst the organizers are residents dj Rudy Rocket and Soul MC and young graphic designer Arezz. In the Visa room of Decadance, STEAM brings a varied and spirited selection of dj’s every wednesday. The idea behind STEAM is as simple as strong: every week one new talent opens the show, after who two bigger names line up. Artists booked include most nationwide dj’s, some internationals, and some young mc’s. The typical dragon flyers became popular very fast and a young crowd shows up week after week, which leads to the first UK-booking in February 2004, DJ Keaton from Renegade Hardware. Moreover, a new trend recently stands out: more and more dj’s bring or ask for a cd-deck, to drop their own production and try it for a dancing audience. And that is what STEAM is all about: bring the cream of today’s flourishing scene, and give chances to new talent. One Love. Starred artists list so far (not exhaustive, no order) : System D, Karlito, Juice Blenders, Lady Vortex, Warriorz, Crossfire, Rudy Rocket (residency), Goodfella, Goony, Fudge, Mikis, Lupa, Whizz, Tribblz’n’Digitt Working Crash Hero, 4K+Temper, Motion Theory, Rizzl‘n’Linx, Dobe’n’Daze, Saphir, Wontime, Kobayashi, D.A.R.Y.L., Woodrow, D-Convict, One87, Daviz, Murdock, D-Link, Nojzz, Sike, Easy, Woodcarver, Bassproduct, mc’s Soul (res.), Sane, Eleven (res.), Keno, internationals Sin, Nitrox & Kay, Pan, Pressure, Keaton, Bighead, Fresh and Nicky Blackmarket.
  • Steam - Flyer front