Downtown Club · 11.02.15 · The Barrio

  • Venue
    Barrio Cafe
    • Place de la Chapelle 6, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgien
  • Date
    Wed, 11 Feb 2015
    22:00 - 06:00
  • Promoter
    Play Label
  • Attending
    • 5
  • ♦ Downtown Club is back in the old cellars of the Barrio on Wednesday 11 February! By the way, did you know the Big Bang happened on a wednesday? Or if you are a believer, god started creating our world on a wednesday. The first time a man put a foot on the moon was on a wednesday as well, and everybody knows the famous Woodstock festival also took place on that day, a wednesday. I mean even wednesdays were invented on a wednesday and guess what? The first head that rolled at the french revolution ... that was a wednesday. Don't forget Mark Zukerberg invented facebook on a thursday but he was drunk, he remembered later it was a wednesday. And not to be forgotten: the first time a man lit a fire, the placing of the Atomium last Bowl, the day Leonardo Da Vinci started painting La Joconde, Bob Marley's first joint, the discovery of America, Paris Hilton's first sextape, the first time E.T phoned home, coincidence? Don't think so... Enough reasons to party on a wednesday, so let's dance to the music made by our residents & have drinks till the sun rises, yet again! ♦ SAVE THE DATE, WEDNESDAY 11th of February FREE ENTRANCE. ♢ Play Label / Downtown Club
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