Drank presents: The Big First Birthday

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    Ricard Entropy Bobofunk Paul Glacial
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  • Twelve of your standard Earth-months ago, we brought you a party that we felt would be like no other, a party that would unite all the various 21st century mutations of urban bass music and give them a home in a dimly lit swanky basement, a small intimate party that dared to dream big. In the months following that first mythical session DRANK has prospered and thrived, becoming a Dublin home for Grime, Footwork, Jungle and pretty much everything else we reckoned would suit the space and the people and the vibes down there. The spirit of DRANK has been represented on festival stages, radio stations, and has been carried to other venues in other cities too. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who ever came down to support us, everyone who ever played a set for us, all the staff at all the venues we've played at, all the other promoters we've worked with, anyone who wished us well, spread our message, believed in what we did and encouraged us to continue. DRANK is a message of peace, DRANK is a revolutionary expression of love, DRANK is a statement of intent, here to uplift the hearts and minds of the whole entire community, DRANK is for the PEOPLE and that means DRANK is for YOU. For this most special occasion we have secured for your consideration and delight one of the finest line ups we have put together to date. All the way from South Africa (via the Atlantic wilds of County Clare) we bring you none other than Ricard Entropy of Elemental Music. A long time stalwart of the west coast bass music scene, Ricard has been on the very top of our shopping list ever since we saw him absolutely steal the show at Life Festival last summer with a BLISTERING selection of Jungle, Footwork, Footwork-Jungle and pretty much everything else in between. We are very proud to bring you the debut Dublin performance of one of his breathtakingly intricate and fluid DJ sets. Representing SubBase Dublin we have the considerable talents of Bobofunk, aka John Bwoy aka Jonny Brennan. Bobofunk has been knocking around Dublin for some years now, gradually building a cult following for his outrageously enjoyable anything-goes style sets where he flings together everything from Garage to UK Funky to straight-up House with the kind of reckless abandon and disregard for genre that exemplifies the spirit of fun upon which DRANK was built. This is his first gig for us, an egregious oversight that we are inordinately pleased to finally correct. Kicking off proceedings we have an exclusive appearance from one of the leading lights in the burgeoning instrumental Grime movement. Gathering praise worldwide for his bold, original take on the more abstract and experimental end of the grime spectrum, Paul Glacial with his Glacial Sound imprint has been slowly carving a niche for himself with a succession of crucial 12” releases, assembling a stable of producers that reads like a veritable who's who of crucial voices in the underground urban bass music scene. Few DJ's can claim to not only capture the spirit of a genre but to shape and inform it with their own personal touch; with even the Irish fecking Times calling this chap a “tastemaker” it's probably about time you go to know about this lad and what he's capable of.
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