Don't Techno Sh!t with Dandi & Ugo

  • Underground music lovers don't spend your night looking for the right club, the right music and the right people !! DON'T TECHNO SH!T!!! On Friday 3rd October Noisy Neighbours present "DON'T TECHNO [email protected] 54 Commercial Street, This month we are pleased to be joined by… Dandi & Ugo DANDI & UGO; globally known for their ownership and management of world famous Italian techno record label, ITALO BUSINESS, created with the help of their partner Piatto. This label has hundreds of releases under its belt, many of which from the label boss’s themselves, many from some well established artists on the scene but the Italo Business imprint is respected for firing undiscovered talent into the lime light. When talking of their energetic DJ sets, this pair dj as if they are just one behind the decks. Both minds sync to their forward thinking game plan, consisting of a whole spectrum of techno styles with multi-cultural influences of native traditional instruments combined with the very latest in music technology. The duo are constantly jet setting across Europe and afar with regular appearances in Spain, Germany, France, Holland and of course their home nation of Italy. Now thanks to the organisers of Don’t Techno Sh!t we have the pleasure of Dandi & Ugo exclusively performing their first and only UK booking of 2008 so far. Lineup DANDI & UGO (Italo Business) CHRIS STANFORD (Lost Souls) TRED BENEDICT (Noisy Neighbours) MARGO FIRELLI KINDLICH This months flyer takes the face of Jessica Fletcher. Jessica Fletcher is arguably one of the most feared women in the criminal underworld. Weather it be old man Johnson’s retirement fund, change of a will, secret lovers, blackmail or revenge the end result in the sleepy town of Cabot Cove always points to Murder !! As a child and even more so now I used to think that Jessica Fletcher was abit of an omen, a carrier of the black lung or the part time Saturday girl for the grim repper. Death just seems to follow this woman around. You can either look at it one of two ways but they both point to the same ending............. 'You’re fucked'. 1. If you ever find yourself caught up in a web of lies and deceit or involved in anything a bit untoward and have your part to play in knocking someone off, Remember this, no matter how cryptic or how much of a criminal mastermind you have yourself down for and however much you cover your tracks, if that door bursts open the last person you would want to walk through that door is Jessica Fletcher. Purely and simply 'it’s over' she would catch you out for the murder and would probably bring up some unpaid parking fines and non returned library books. The woman is a sheer force. She would trace it back to you regardless of how many people you framed along the way and how clever you thought you were she has your number!! 2. If your one of the really unlucky one's and Jessica Fletcher comes through the door and you’re an honest decent hardworking person, get the fuck out of town! Cabots Cove is no place for decent people because decent people soon become decent dead people. Jessica Fletcher DON'T TECHNO SH!T this woman is a carrier of death, the princess of darkness and well on the payroll for the grim reaper. Being a witch in bed knobs and broom sticks is one thing but being the fucking anti Christ on a day time murder mystery show is taking the piss !!! Don't fear, imbrace it ! Get involved ! DON'T TECHNO SH!T
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  • Don't Techno Sh!t with Dandi & Ugo - Flyer front
    Don't Techno Sh!t with Dandi & Ugo - Flyer back