Celebrate Life: Dope Jams Valentine's Day Ball

  • There have been whispers that the Dope Jams boys have forgotten the children of that bursting and bustling metropolis we know as New York. Far from it: having resolved to exorcise the demons on a monthly basis, Paul and Francis are reactivating LIFE, to be inaugurated on February 13, 2015 --- Valentine's Day Eve. It seems the stars have aligned to bring the Dope Jams camp together for a reconvening of their infamous and celebrated Brooklyn party curations at a space big enough to make widely accessible their previously compact and tight-knit exercises in unrestrained revelry and precision-honed atmospherics. With their standard arsenal of motley club weaponry, from radically visionary futurism to a well-versed array of interdisciplinary classics, Paul and Francis unleash their inclusive dance music esotericism on Brooklyn once more. So on February 13th, Friday the 13th that is, come celebrate that strange recess that we awkwardly greet each year with that extended family of house music miscreants you love to hate and can't help but love. Music by PAUL NICKERSON FRANCIS ENGLEHARDT **Surprise Live Performance**
  • Celebrate Life: Dope Jams Valentine's Day Ball - Flyer front
    Celebrate Life: Dope Jams Valentine's Day Ball - Flyer back