Tuna Park Meets Tanzmichmal

  • Venue
    • Köpenickerstrasse 70; Mitte; 10179 Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    Fri, 16 Jan 2015
    23:59 - 12:00
  • Attending
    • 37
  • WOO YORK are techno’s men on the mission. Having gained a foothold as residents of legendary Glaswegian label Soma Records and head honchos of Planet Rhythm, they keep delivering one dancefloor killer after another. Since the start of their career back in 2009, the Kiev-based duo has come a long way from being Ukraine capital’s local heroes to becoming an internationally recognized live act with their own signature sound. With tonight’s bristling live set, WOO YORK bring the energy associated with techno to the very leftfield show and effortlessly incorporate avant-garde elements into club setting. Analogue warmth meets raw energy: this furious mixture made ANDRE KRONERT a synonym for powerful and high-octane club sound, as a DJ as well as a producer. Since 1994 the head honcho of Odd/Even, Night Drive Music, 3rd Wave Music and Neurotron Music has set on fire countless parties and festivals, proving himself to be a major reason for escalating atmospheres and bursting dance floors from Dubai to Georgia. French Techno DJ and producer D. Lapena aka THE PLANT WORKER project was born in 2013. This talented techno artist started out with vinyl releases on Blank Code (Detroit) and Seal Limited (Berlin), and performed at various events alongside major artists Function, Developer, Drumcell and Psyk. PIOTR KLEJMENT is one of the founding members of Warsaw’s Technosoul project, keeping the genre thriving alive and well in the underground and where he released his debut EP “1984”. In the +4Bar, “Mr. Tanzmichmal” RON WILSON returns again, hitting house music fans with his darker edge to the genre. In between his other projects “Submarine” and “777”, we welcome his distinguished sets with pleasure. Also on the decks: two Trilogy Tapes artists EMG and BATISTA, a DJ and producer based in Berlin, Germany who is one of the founders of Uaudio and Sperimentazioni Sonore; and young Berlin DJ ATTILA completes this exemplary evening of quality house music in the +4Bar.
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    Tuna Park Meets Tanzmichmal - Flyer back