Killswitch Happy Hour with Rich Korach

  • About Rich Korach: Rich Korach discovered underground electronic music in 1994, finally encountering the sound for which he had been searching. A native to the Detroit area, Rich witnessed sets from some of the early pioneers of techno. Namely, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, John Acquaviva and Stacey Pullen. Drawing influence from Detroit’s elite, Rich became an active DJ in 1997. His sets are characterized by seamless transitions between elements of House and Techno, creating new subgenres with every mix. In 2004 Rich became one of a few select Paxahau resident DJs while conjointly leading the merchandise divisions for Paxahau, DEMF and D Records. Being a resident Paxahau DJ gave Rich greater opportunity to display his unique capacity for DJ’ing, earning opening sets for such luminaries as: Josh Wink, Michael Mayer, Mathew Jonson and Richie Hawtin. Rich consistently evolves his sets, incorporating the latest effects components to create buildups, rearrange sounds, and make his performances that much more unique. His precision, timing, and technical aptitude have acquired both national and international attention resulting in spots at: the Detroit Electronic Music Festival(2005 and 2008), Ibiza, Berlin, and all across the U.S. About Farzana: Lured by the prospect of glow in the dark pants, Farzana attended her first rave in Detroit in 1998. While she soon realized that day-glo pants were out, she quickly became obsessed with this thing called "Techno" which was very much in fashion at the time. She loved it so much she wanted to marry it. She soon realized that that was a bit inappropriate, so in 2002 Farzana bought her first set of Technics 1200s and began Dj'ing instead. If her and Techno couldn't have children she would at least put the moves on it. Techno and Farzana made a beautiful life together described most accurately as dark, dirty and funky. Their journey continues in the next paragraph. Things were getting a bit boring in Detroit as Techno and Farzana seemed to have come to a standstill. If her DJ'ing career was to go anywhere she needed to get OUT. She heard that in California there were pretty pink ponies, sparkly fluffy clouds, and marshmallow dreams just being handed out to people. That was all the incentive she needed! In 2006, Farzana left the grimey streets of Detroit and moved with Techno to Oakland, California. Both her and Techno fell right in to the scene in San Francisco and they are both loving every minute of it. After being here for two years now Farzana has built up a name for herself and even though money can't buy happiness, she is a lot happier now that she bought a laptop and Traktor Scratch. So is Techno. Their relationship has been rejuvenated and is stronger and better than ever!! Stay tuned for development of this steamy romance....
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