Chibuku Shake Shake

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    Plump DJs Evil 9 (Live) Jeru the Damaja DJ Yoda and Schomo No fakin, Beat Monkeys, Superfly soundsystem
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  • With the finishing touches still to be added to this the last show before Christmas we sees Evil 9 return with a new live show. The new album…. Is… The Plumps return to the scene of the crime…the first time in the Barfly in 2-3 years where they wore many a hole in the floor on their brutal ascendency. As the breaks sound progresses and mutates who better than the two best production outfits out there to represent. Back due to popular demand Jeru the Damajas blistering and roof raising performance a few years ago in the theatre has been on the lips of true hip hop fans across Liverpool ever since.. As we go to print in late August DJ Yoda and Schlomo are sitting off in a room in London practicing a very special show for the closing sequence of Bestivals main stage.. they have just requested a one off performance at Chibuku with Yodas next appearance.. for those of you who don’t know.. Schlomo is the man who brought the baying crowds to a stand still before Ian Brown was due to perform that fateful night at Nation.. hes laid down beats with his mouth for Bjork and holds a residency at the Barbican. A true talent in UK hip hop now for one night only coupled with Dj Yoda….