Capriccio with Traxx, Carlos Souffront, Patrick Russell, 51717 Live, Alex From Queens

  • RSVP to [email protected] for SECRET LOCATION released day of. Saturday, January 24th CAPRICCIO presents Fleurs du Mal Capriccio VI x FDM1 New directions in dance beyond dance from TRAXX - NATION CARLOS SOUFFRONT - INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS PATRICK RUSSELL - INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS 51717 LIVE - JEALOUS GOD, OPAL TAPES, LIES ALEX FROM QUEENS - CAPRICCIO x FLEURS DU MAL 11PM - 8AM SECRET LOCATION will be released day of. RSVP to [email protected] ; $20 advance tix: Fleurs du Mal is a new series of artistic actions… for those who know or those who want to be experienced... For those who want something beyond the dance, more mystical, rawer, romantic, futuristic... you are in the right place. *********************************** TRAXX Nothing about Traxx and his prolific musical output, both as producer and label curator, is easily categorized. Witnessing him manipulate music is a self-evident spiritual experience, one of illumination, truth, emotional depth and suspension of time. Traxx's sound marries diverse influences. His productions, solo or with coconspirators such as Beau Wanzer as Mutant Beat Dance, D'Marc Cantu and Tadd Mullinix as X2, Mick Wills as M.o.m.o, and his A&R for his labels Nation and Kode, signing 2AM/FM, 2 Dogs in a House, SSPS, and Charles Manier, are pure fire. When he is at the controls, the ghosts of Ron Hardy at the Music Box, of Liaisons Dangereuses at the Hacienda, lost transmissions from Mayday or Jeff Mills, industrial machine 'kode' from waves foreign or domestic -- anything is possible -- all these come together to raise the room's musical temperature and awareness. Such is the power of jakbeat. "Traxx is my favorite DJ in the world and while many DJs can't successfully execute their ideals in their own productions, his music is exactly the kind of amazing stuff that he would spin. His overwhelming passion for great music comes through in his production. The pinnacle of his art, whether he is DJing or producing, is his ability to seize the moment and make crucial changes only when they are necessary. His art is not just a 'back to basics' approach, but a refinement of styles that have been abandoned for music with slick transitions and needless ornamentation. This is Jakbeat in its rawest form." Tadd Mullinix aka James T Cotton, Dabrye, Saturn V, 2AMFM, X2 There is no one else who is doing or can do what he does. Traxx is a true avant-garde artist and shamen of sound. CARLOS SOUFFRONT Many say Carlos has one of the illest acid collections in the world. Those who know know -- in the words of BMG -- that he is "equally entrenched in indie rock, post punk, experimental music, ambient, rock, house, and techno, [that] Carlos [is] always a man of many worlds -- with an ability to traverse though them with an unique imagination. There is a mood to his search within sound, something that is heavy, deep yet gritty." Carlos's last visit to Capriccio was pure psychedelia, and straight out of left field. We are excited to have him back, not least to help him celebrate his birthday!!! PATRICK RUSSELL Patrick had been killing it for years in Detroit before moving to New York, where he continues to grow as a dj and producer/remixer. And so we are always more than pleased to have our good friend and eminent scholar of the sound, actually many sounds -- a cold-as-ice hit man on the decks -- join us. Patrick is one to be experienced. So if you are not already experienced, didn't hear him out at Capriccio or No Way Back, do yourself a favor and check out his soundcloud or discography...get with it and get your ass and the asses of your loved ones to this party! 51717 aka Lili Schulder 51717 is the solo project of Lili Schulder, half of Shadowlust (along with Marquis Cooper aka Svengalisghost) of LIES fame. 51717's sound is influenced by her practice of Balinese gamelan and Japanese koto, as well as strict religious ritual growing up. Her impressive releases on Opal Tapes and LIES (as Shadowlust) are mesmerizing and insanely hypnotic -- as her forthcoming release on Silent Servant's, Regis', and James Ruskin's Jealous God imprint will surely prove to be. Her live performance will doubtless summon the spirits and separate the sacred from the profane. Not to be missed. ALEX FROM QUEENS Alex hails from Queens, NY, and enjoys extracting the eternal from the ephemeral. His record collection is nothing but cuts and he has the skills to walk the walk. He is the man with the master plan. And he thinks 'about me's are bragging... End transmission. Remember: Location will be released on day of...RSVP to [email protected] $20 adv. tix: 21+ Be prepared to lose it... and then find it.. and then lose it again. Get ready for some REAL shamanic shit. We luv you longtime... XO
  • Capriccio with Traxx, Carlos Souffront, Patrick Russell, 51717 Live, Alex From Queens - Flyer front