• Three independent freethinkers will rule our Boiler floor tonight. Let’s start with the debutant: The Italian Mr. Ties is a big name in Berlin’s scene. He co-founded the legendary Homopatik parties where he’s celebrated for his incredible diversity. In other words: He’s one of the best DJ’s Berlin has to offer at the moment – get ready for a long set! Matthew Styles is known for the great combination of deep grooves, elegant rhythms and his aptitude for functional sexiness – evidence can be found on his EP’s for Running Back, Classic and Ostgut Ton. Both house experts will give you insights into their many-faceted record collection. Because the best things come in threes, Justus Köhncke will play live for the third time. On Kompakt he released his diverse LP’s with such beautiful titles like „Spiralen der Erinnerung“ as well as the track “Timecode” that is regarded as a proper hit – not only within conspiracy circles. Now That I Found You! Bleak is the project of the Spaniard Santiago Naura who recently founded his own label Naura Records. Previously such known guys as DJ Deep and Jonas Kopp released his bristling techno. Tonight the Stockholm-based man will play his live set for the first time. February is a strong month hinting at the first various EP on the self-titled label run by our resident Viktoria. That release not only presents two more talents, but was also appreciated by the likes of John Osborn and Answer Code Request. When it comes to the question how to be successful with your own label, Viktoria will surely get some experienced answers by Mike Dehnert. More than seven years ago, the Berlin-based producer founded his label Fachwerk Records that already passed the line of 40 releases. Those who know his sets should be aware of Dehnert’s spectrum. He can be rough and hard, using some vocals cuts when the mood is right and certainly rolls out a proper groove carpet that will keep you going. Dance like there's no tomorrow!
  • Stattnacht - Flyer front