Time Warp Holland

  • Time Warp Maassilo Rotterdam The Netherlands After a successful club edition at the Off Corso Club in Rotterdam, it is now time to move on to the next round! Be prepared; because it is time for the big Time Warp kickoff party at the Maassilo in Rotterdam the Netherlands! This is the first time that a big Time Warp edition will take place in the Netherlands. Therefore, we’ll off course make a mega phat party out of it with a fantastic show and kick-ass line up! The attention will not only be settled on the international artists, but also on some well known performers from the Netherlands who will proudly represent their country. Think of the trusted Time Warp atmosphere in Mannheim, Germany, filled up with a powerful dose innovative Dutch pride! Concerning the location, the Maassilo fits perfectly to the Time Warp concept. It is spacious enough for five various areas, filled with a super sound system- the ideal place to experience the Dutch debut of this internationally coloured party. What to expect: Germany versus the Netherlands, a mix of styles, spheres, nationalities and electronic beats. Going strong from Saturday 21.00 pm till 12.00 am the next day(!), no doubt, you can rock your socks off in the Maassilo and Factory 10 the 29th of November 2008!
  • Time Warp Holland - Flyer front