Abstract & Hidden Agenda present NYE with Phil Hartnoll - Orbital DJ Set

  • Abstract & Hidden Agenda presents: Phil Hartnoll (Orbital DJ Set), Frank B and Two Charming Men Phill Hartnoll (Orbital) One of the most prominent players in the electronic music scene since its early days in the UK, Phil Hartnoll needs no introduction. As one half of the world renowned duo Orbital, Phil has helped to produce some of the most groundbreaking works in the history of electronic music. Additionally, he has established himself as a prominent solo DJ through his extensive playing over the past 10 years. Phil’s passion for performing as an individual DJ as well as for playing live with Orbital has served to broaden his musical scope and reach, allowing him to share his wealth of talent through multiple channels. Due to his parallel roles as a solo DJ and as half of Orbital, Phil’s DJ gigs must often coincide with live performances, and are therefore exclusive and esteemed. Frank B Originally from Dublin, Frank B now resides in New York City with residencies at Bossa Nova, Tandem and The Flat. Frank B’s career was catapulted into the limelight in 2012 after his release ‘Chain of fools’ sampling Aretha Franklin’s track of the same name. He is a regular visitor back to Dublin and always puts on a great show. Two Charming Men Two Charming Men are Niall and Conor; two young DJing producers from Kildare, Ireland. Over the past year Two Charming Men have been working hard making their mark on native soil, as well as abroad. After a series of successful original productions and remixes they are getting more and more interest and airplay by the week and can be found playing all across Ireland on a weekly basis.
  • Abstract & Hidden Agenda present NYE with Phil Hartnoll - Orbital DJ Set - Flyer front