Vlla op Vrijdag Ineke Live

  • Picture yourself in something like the Mojave desert at night. The only lights appear to be the blinking of a neon signed motel. The bar looks tempting. Continuing the lonely road feels like a drag, so you stop. There’s a nightly silence. The only sound is that of the sand under your shoes. This could be the most random lost place on earth, but it isn’t. This is the place of INEKE. INEKE is an Amsterdam based dance music-duo, consisting of Rolf and Jonas. With a mix of electro, funk and techno you always feel cheerful with a dark touch. Be ready to party like you never did before, with the live-performance of INEKE. VLLA op VRIJDAG is ‘livingroom clubbing’ with music, art, food and performance. Beers for 2 euros, free entrance.
  • Vlla op Vrijdag Ineke Live - Flyer front