Psycle All Nighter

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    Blue Print
    • 509-511 Alfreton Road; Nottingham, NG5 7NH; United Kingdom
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    Sat, 11 Oct 200810:00pm - 5:00am
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    Optimus Prime Back Room - Rave Trent: Endless Mattlab Tricky1 Cross-Wired Randy Marsh DJ Lobes Rigbee Deep: Jah Bundy Minister Hill Nowhere Common The Gentlemen DJ's of the Laughing Room
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  • Following on from the success of Psyonic Entity last month we will be welcoming another proprietor of Dark Psy, Optimus Prime. Hailing from the land of Scouse with a bag of dark tunes. Should be a good un Then we have two of our trusted residents Petran Dark Angel They know you so well Then as a trick/treat for you we have two special collaborations Shodan (your humble narrator, ) vs Strawberry Jam Chilly (not so humble trolley boy, ) Vs Silent Sound Then Back from home, well fed, and with brand new student cheque's under their belt. They'll be providing you dirty DnB fanatics out there with a mainline fix These lovely fellows will be hosting a mash up of Hiphop, Funk, and Reggae to keep you partying through the night. Thats if the Laughing Room gents aint to posh about pushing their way onto the decks. As its Halloween soon there'll also be Black Magik from Gary (Big Al Crowley) As usual there's our helpful hombre's Visuals Metempsychosis Vyrus Visual Sound Vital Audio (custom rig) And of course our (ahem, ) Sponsors. Midlandmarquehire Pixel Punch Psycleproductions Be there or be a hairless ape!
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