Killekill Club/berghain Kantine: Putzen

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    MARK BOOMBASTIK - live KHAN - dj DJ Flush - dj
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  • The fourth highlight of this month: PUTZEN, PUTZEN, PUTZEN at the Killekill Club. MARK BOOMBASTIK has been a human beatboxer since he was 12 years old. To be more precise he started after somebody stepped in his acoustic guitar at a party. His music is notorious, his beats are raw and tight. No wonder he was a sought after musical partner of the likes of FISCHMOB, FELIX KUBIN, FUNKSTOERUNG, PATRIC CATAN and many, many more. For his shows he uses analog effects to manipulate his voice - no computer or backing track ever gets on his stage, everything live! HIS TEETH ARE STROBOSCOPES, HIS LIPS ARE A MILLION AMPS AND HIS TONGUE A BILLION DRUM ROLLS! Supported he is going to be by KHAN, the man whose virgin label I'M SINGLE Mark's hit single "Putzen" has been released on. KHAN. What a man!! Either you know him as a party animal like no other or as a musician who has influenced electronic music like a few only: Bizz OD, 4E, El Turco Loco, Captain Comatose and Khan of Finland are a few of his aliases and projects only that he made music history with. HE was there right from the beginning and we are happy to have him here this night!! Resident DJ FLUSH who also represents the Shitkatapult label fits in well in this miscellaneous and promising night! more info:
  • Killekill Club/berghain Kantine: Putzen - Flyer front
    Killekill Club/berghain Kantine: Putzen - Flyer back