Slowly Exploding: 10 Years of Perc Trax

  • Perc Trax rounds off its 10 Years celebrations with a homecoming event at London’s Corsica Studios. Leading the charge is the first joint UK set by Perc & Truss, whose back to back sets have seen them tear up many a European festival in 2014 including two appearances at Awakenings. Ruling over Room 2 is Factory Floor, who play their first Perc Trax event after remixing Forward Strategy Group for the label and inviting Perc to remix ‘Two Different Ways’ for DFA. Joining Factory Floor in Room 2 is Diagonal Records boss Powell, whose experimentally minded percussive output fits perfectly into the Perc Trax world and new addition to the line-up Pete Swanson, whose raw 100% hardware live show is about as raw and visceral as electronic music gets. Nik Void from Factory Floor will also grace Room 2 with a solo live set showcasing her unique take on electronic and guitar noise and newly forged DJ duo Hamburger Ladies, comprising two of the sharpest musical minds from the Quietus music site will open the room. Along with Perc & Truss in Room 1 is Randomer, who has had a breakout year in 2014 with releases on L.I.E.S. offshoot Russian Torrent Versions and Clone and a starring role in the recent Perc Trax Boiler Room session. Alongside Randomer, Ansome will be playing the kind of modular-based live set that has been key to the rapid rise of this South London Analogue Material. Opening up proceedings in Room 1 is Border Community regular and former resident at The End Avus, a man who has graced many a Perc Trax release including the label’s 2nd release back in 2004.
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