• "Disco is funk with a bow tie", said once James Brown's trombonist Fred Wesley. Mother Disco is still the one that reverberates 40 years later, echoing New York's underground dance clubs which spawned the core of a culture of ecstatic nonstop all-night dancing. And Jack never forgets where he is coming from & loves to recall that Berlin could never be the same without this essential part of Club music roots. Even the "Späti" down your house got history, so do we. For its 11th edition, the Holy Church of Hijackers will resonate once again with a pretty unique mixture of DJs & Live acts. Soundstream, the iconic Berliner who created a cult of followers with a hand of self-named twelves, will bless us of a rare appearance outside of his Panorama Bar residency. Sir Moscatello is one of these true unsung heroes of the Berlin scene unleashing his nerdy love for synthetizers & drum machines on classic imprints as Moodmusic or Dirt Crew and today as FNM on his own Save The Black Beauty vinyl only imprint. This humble old schooler (once known as DJ Naughty) also got an impressive remixography including people as diverse as Garnier, Goldfrapp, Louie Austen or Jazzanova. Hailing from Australia, Andy Hart is a man of impeccable taste & choice who managed to convince the most refined Deep House and Nu Disco fans around the globe with a savant string of appearances on Freerange, Quintessentials, Heist or Oye's own Box Aus Holz. He is also the mastermind behind the amazing new label called Voyage. Noema, the acclaimed Renate resident, is reknown for the eclectic twist in his DJ performances & created a buzz with his own African Shakedown imprint. On the live front, Jack likes to stay true to his usual motto of "uncompromised, raw & honest" performances: Kresy is a fresh talent from Spain who hitted the soft spot on John Talabot's Hivern Discs, Jacques Renault's Lets Play House or Jay Shepheard's Retrofit. Strong of his brand new Year Of The Horse EP on his home label Riotvan, Good Guy Mikesh is the one to currently put Leipzig on the map, after remarkable presence on Permanent Vacation, Ellum or Tensnake's Mirau while Credit00, his geographical neighbour, will represent proudly the Uncanny Valley family, already Hijackers favourites. Soundstream (Soundhack) Filippo Moscatello (Save The Black Beauty, Moodmusic) Kresy 'live (Hivern Discs, Let’s Play House) Good Guy Mikesh 'live (Ellum, Riotvan) Andy Hart (Voyage, Sleazy Beats) Credit 00 'live (Uncanny Valley, Rat Life) Noema (The Magic Movement) Tim Vitá (Local Talk, Freude am Tanzen) All Jacks together!
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