• Do you remember the "hoverboards" & "self-lacing" Nike's of Marty Mc Fly's time travel in 2015? Beyond our 80's fantasies, Jack got the power to go back to the future. Every second month, the Holy Butzke resonates to the sound of now, tainted of yesterday and turned resolutely to tomorrow. This will be the 10th time that Jack stays true to his Hijackin’ mission: no fake hipster philosophy, no artificial trendiness, the beats get raw, drum machines get warmed & samples breathe vinyl dust. Authenticity, musicality & identity remain the name of the game as witness another new squad of Jackers, all united by their unconditional love of the analogue gods. No less than 3 live performances will provide ecstatic smiles around you: Snuff Crew, the Berlin-Cologne duo who likes to wear masks but can't hide their devotion to Chicago House. Iron Curtis, the sweetness personified when he is not moving knobs & faders to unleash his uncompromising musicality on ultra credible family imprints as Retreat, Mirau or Smallville. And Boska who managed to turned the heads & twist the hears of tasty Bavarian & Swedish sound providers such as Permanent Vacation & Studio Barnhus. The mighty pair of Snacks are back by popular demand since their "Purdie" track became an underground anthem on heavy rotation with Detroit Swindle, Prosumer or Rainer Trüby to name a few. On the wheels of steel, Jack assures your sneakers will get a flex with S3A, Parisian "bon vivant" who would not trade his sampler for a night with Scarlett J., also known as one of the residents of the famous Concrete nights in Paris and die-hard vinyl lover releasing on Local Talk, Phonogramme & his fresh S3A records. He will be surrounded by Lucretio, the sound guru behind Restoration, a remarkable label cherished by people as different as Tama Sumo, Ben UFO & Suburban Night, Jves who belongs to the Aim family and of course the Hijackin’ resident Tim Vitá. Snuff Crew 'live (Snuff Trax, BPitch Control) Iron Curtis 'live (Smallville, Retreat) S3A (Compost, MCDE) Lucretio (Restoration, Hypercolour) Boska 'live (Permanent Vacation, Studio Barnhus) Snacks (Magic Jams) Jves (Aim) Tim Vitá (Local Talk, Freude am Tanzen) All Jacks together!
  • Hijackin - Flyer front
    Hijackin - Flyer back