Tuna Park

  • Venue
    • Köpenickerstrasse 70; Mitte; 10179 Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    Fri, 19 Dec 2014
    23:59 - 12:00
  • Attending
    • 38
  • In 1994 MARK BROOM founded Pure Plastik Recordings with Dave Hill and subsequently released his first album “Angie Is A Shoplifter” on the new label. Over the years he has remained a beacon of the UK techno underground movement, always a welcome guest in our house, remaining elusive yet assertive with his powerful sets and production work that includes remixes for international artists. EMMANUEL was born in Greece but honed his talent via Israeli DJ and producer ShlomiAber. An enlightening encounter for both them, an encounter which soon led Aber to sign EMMANUEL for his own Imprint, Be As One. And judging by the results of EMMANUEL‘s first release it’s not hard to be understood why Aber didn’t loose anytime in sign him and get him into the techno rumble. With the addition of frequent guest SVEN VON THÜLEN (one half of Zander VT with Fritz Zander), the basement is a hotbed of techno talent tonight. The +4 Bar sparkles with four acts to get your feet moving. London based artist ROBIN ORDELL’s love of soulful grooves, dub and funk music stem back into a childhood influenced by the masters of funk and soul, finding themselves intertwined into what is now a deep love affair with house music. On the production front things are rapidly happening for this young artist with upcoming releases on Remake Musique, Safari Numerique and Leftroom; PABLO TARNO, a house DJ and producer currently based in Berlin who runs Finest Hour Records together with Onirik; HAMID is a young and upcoming DJ based in the UK and Berlin; and ANTHONY CONSTANS aka Tonybar who stands out with his funky style which sticks perfectly within his character. For 2 years he has totally invested his time in the production of a sensual and soft music which flirts between House music and Rythm and Blues. ANTHONY CONSTANS looks to tantalise the G spot of our ears and will convince you to add this part of our anatomy in list of erogenous zones.
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