Bedrock Resurrection with John Digweed + Special Guests

  • 2On Easter Sunday 5th April 2015, John Digweed’s Bedrock will return to its spiritual home Heaven for the first time in seven years. For many, Bedrock at Heaven holds invaluable memories for all those who attended. Launched back in 1998, the monthly event quickly became recognised for showcasing outstanding lineups with regular guests including Carl Cox, Sasha, Deep Dish, Danny Howells and Danny Tenaglia amongst others. Renowned for its intense atmosphere, these phenomenal club nights helped Bedrock build a reputation amongst the UK’s finest. In 2008 Bedrock hosted its final night at Heaven, since going on to sell out events at many of the capitals leading venues such as Brixton Academy, Matter, Fire, Electric, Village Underground and XOYO. Fast forward to 2015 and Heaven will once again open its doors to Bedrock. A chance for many to relive those unforgettable moments and for a whole new generation to become part of its original heritage. After seven long years John Digweed will lead the Bedrock Resurrection in one of the most talked about nights of 2015. “For me Heaven is amongst the most iconic venues of all time. It’s a proper acid house event space and is one of the last great clubs from that era. We know it holds a very special place for Bedrock and the memories we have from so many great nights there. When the opportunity arose to bring Bedrock back to Heaven at Easter, this time on Easter Sunday rather than our traditional Thursday date, we grabbed it with both hands. There are not many unique venues left in London but Heaven is definitely up there with the best of them – it truly is a fantastic space. Furthermore there is a whole generation of clubbers who have never been to Heaven and this was a major reason as to we feel now is the correct time for us to go back. We are expecting loads of new faces who never had the chance to experience the magic of Bedrock at Heaven. Those that remember those nights will know what to expect, those that don’t better hold tight!” John Digweed
  • Bedrock Resurrection with John Digweed + Special Guests - Flyer front
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