The Building Society & Hangar present: Dimitri From Paris

  • "Music to swing to, lovingly crafted for you ultimate aural pleasure." - Dimitri. When it comes to musical selection, passion for his craft and finesse on the decks, Dimitri From Paris is second to none. A man who has dedicated the last thirty years to honing his skills and sharing his love of all kinds of music, he has evolved from a bedroom DJ, to a radio presenter, remixer, a producer in his own right and a globally-renowned purveyor of great music. In contrast to the egocentric, “hands in the air”, DJ God character that is increasingly becoming the norm in certain spheres, Dimitri stays true to the traditions handed down by generations before him. Preferring the connectivity offered by an intimate club gig to the large, festival-style show where visuals and production overpower the musical aspect of a performance. “I don’t have much to show and neither do most of the others guys, which is why they come up with gimmicks. I don’t feel comfortable on a festival stage because I don’t want to put on a show for the sake of putting on a show.” Dimitri represents the true roots of DJing; the selection and sharing of music for the enjoyment and education of his captive audiences, placing love of the music ahead of anything else. Substance is what counts to a maestro like Dimitri, a long-time collector of music and a disco aficionado – even though he believes in playing music that’s accessible, he refuses to forsake substance for the dumbed-down music played by so many DJs at the top of the hierarchy. He uses his position as a world-renowned DJ to entertain his audiences while also introducing them to new music, opening their ears and eyes to new possibilities and new artists.
  • The Building Society & Hangar present: Dimitri From Paris - Flyer front