Mighty presents Amon Tobin

  • Side room: Keyframe-Entertainment celebrating the launch of "ReInhabiting the Village" and the Electronic Music Alliance music label. This is a NO GUEST LIST event, so be sure to grab tix! Brazilian-born artist Amon Tobin started off under the pseudonym of Cujo in the mid 1990s, then living in the UK. Cujo lived for a series of singles, EPs, and remixes, peaking with the album Adventures In Foam, all originally on NINEBARecords, and appeared first in the US on the label Shadow Records. Around 1997, he switched to going by his own name, signed to the Ninja Tune label, where he has resided ever since. Musician, programmer, recording artist, beatsmith, dance floor commander, composer, sound designer, bad ass motherfucker. Amon Tobin is all of these things but most of all a forward thinker. Pushing forward and never looking back has always been his focus. This is what gets him up in the morning and what keeps him up late into the night. Amon Tobin never set out to be in the music industry. To him, music is an end in itself, not a path to commercial success. His own success is basically a by-product of his obsession, and remains something of a welcome mystery to him. The fact is, whether or not the world had ever heard of Amon Tobin, he would still be creating music. His life has been a long-term love affair with sound and rhythm, and a personal study of both. His work is a contribution to the evolution of sound in the spirit of the pioneers of electronic music. Amon has released a series of critically-acclaimed full length albums alongside a number of side projects varying from film scores to collaborations with artists ranging in classical music to hip hop, to all stylistic disciplines in between. Curiosity and a relentless drive to explore has lead Amon to various places in music, but the the real fruit of his labour are in the combined knowledge gained from these experiences of how music and sound work, and the passionate application of these principles to his own personal creations.
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