Jnr'S Warehouse Jamm

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    TBA - London
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    Sat, 11 Oct 200821:00pm - 8:00am
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    Jnr's Jamm
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  • NEW VENUE This is a big Jnr’s jamm but we wont be doing it at Jamm in Brixton this time. Jamm is an amazing venue which is perfect for the night but the local element spoils it for the punters. While Jamm do an excellent job keeping these elements out of the club they can’t stop them from loitering outside so rather than put our mates through that stress we’ve decided to move it. We’ve found the most fantastic warehouse in North London which is not one of these secret warehouse that everyone seems to know about that are listed in all the mags & probably have tv adverts out soon. But in saying this the Venue asks all it’s promotions not to publicly advertise the club. This way we are guaranteed to only have our people clubbing with us. The club have full security staff who are there for just that…our security. So they wont be bullying & robbing you of all your belongings at the door =) It’s gritty whilst ticking all the boxes for us clubbers and has plenty of travel options being Buss, Train, Tube and on call taxies. We timed it at 50 min door to door from Brixton by tube. NOICE! For more info at the club you’ll have to PM or email me but it’s well worth doing as there is PLENTY of juicy info that I can’t divulge here =) Holla at your boy. MUSIC We are gonna have two rooms of maddnes and as our Headliner we are glad to present to you…OLIVIER GIACOMOTTO (beatport awards runner up) on duty and if that weren’t enough we’ll have Kanio(tbc) & Kid Dub as well as my self. Room One: Electro Tech Maddness OLIVIER GIACOMOTTO – (Definitive Recordings) KID DUB – (Definitive Recordings) JNR J – The Pike… (I mean Spikey one). FRANCISCO – (Resident) Room Two: (I was thinking sexy soulful rnb house BUT I think we’ll go with) Phucking Phat Techno KANIO – (Novakane Recordings, Noir Music) TEE – J – (Resident) NICK STEWART – (Resident) Their Spaces: http://www.myspace.com/oliviergiacomotto http://www.myspace.com/kiddub http://www.myspace.com/kaniomusic http://www.myspace.com/jnrjhouse Mixes check out the latest bad boy mix from resident warm up wizard Francisco, the sort of tunes you'll be hearing on the night for the first couple of hours. http://www.mediafire.com/?q1rduf04mwx ATTENDING It wont be a ticket only event but this is the best way to guarantee your entry and get full details. For tix email [email protected] or call 02072744865 You'll need to email me at [email protected] for more details.
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