The Exhibition: Art Basel Edition

  • Art exists in various forms. Some use a single haired brush to shade the eyelashes on a portrait. Some arbitrarily splatter paint across a canvas. Some put a giant fucking sea creature in a tank and freeze it in time. And then some choose to mix frequencies created by synthesizers with rhythms made by drum machines, all with the intention to dance for hours and hours, and be transported to another mindset. So, for Art Basel 2014, we celebrate this form of art with an all day long musical exposition at STEAM in Miami's heart of Downtown. There will be live art painting. There will be sensory overloading food. And, of course, there will be techno. So leave your turtle-necked, horn-rimmed glasses wearing, contemporary art blog reading friends at the expo center (or bring them) and come celebrate one of the most important forms of art with us.
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