Tropical Waste with Lotic, Felicita, Iydes, Seb

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    Lotic, Felicita, Iydes, Seb
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  • For the fifth Tropical Waste, we welcome two artists who are intent on ripping the fabric of club music apart... LOTIC (JANUS - UK DEBUT!) Lotic's tracks are raw 'n libidinal and his DJ sets are driven by a fierce kind of energy.His 'Damsel In Distress' mixtape for Janus is one of our favourite releases of the year and he jumps over from Berlin to make his UK debut down in the basement. FELICITA (GUM ARTEFACTS) Felicita's recent set at Unsound festival was one of the most confounding and face melting dancefloor experiences we've had in a while. The Cute comrade joins us following the release of 'Frenemies', an EP that's sweet but sharp, much like a bottle of cherry Lambrini that's smashed all over the floor. IYDES (GET ME!/NTS) Tropical Waste resident Iydes delights in combining the mechanic crunch of techno with the razor-sharp edges of grime and is about to put out a 12" on London's Get Me. SEB (NTS) Tropical Waste resident Seb selects soundsystem music and fresh-cut club tracks. £3 ADV £5 GUESTLIST - [email protected] £6 DOOR
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  • Tropical Waste with Lotic, Felicita, Iydes, Seb - Flyer front