Cosmic Code A/V Show with Psychemagik & Ari Russo

  • In a one-off collaboration, musicians Psychemagik and video artist Ari Russo will take you on a visceral journey through the unknown. The otherworldly sounds of Psychemagik will meet the hypnotic visuals of Ari Russo in a live, improvised performance titled ‘Cosmic Code’. The event will take place at Ace Hotel’s Miranda Bar, a creative space designed for live performances. In preparation, the artists have gone through 1,000’s of VHS tapes, laserdiscs, vinyl records and cassettes in search of the perfect sample. Unknown private press records from the 1970’s and 80’s will be mixed with more familiar sounds, whilst the visuals will combine sensory overload with stark, sarcastic footage. A live camera will capture video which will be processed in real- time using a programming code developed by Ari Russo. These three-dimensional visualisations will be led by the music, and projected back into the space, creating shadows that blur imaginary with reality. Far from a random arrangement, the performance will provide a film-like narrative held together by carefully selected music, found footage and audience participation. About the artists Psychemagik are a UK duo, known for their music production and prolific remixes, which include recent projects with Bryan Ferry, Haim, Boy George, Azari & III, Metronomy, Kauf and Mirror People. Their incredible ear for music transcends their vast record collections, allowing them to develop a reputation for owning obscenely rare records and providing samples to major recording artists. This dedication to record digging has also resulted in a highly successful series of compilations tiled: Psychemagik Presents ‘Magik Cyrkles’ and the follow up ‘Magik Sunrise’ which was voted #1 compilation of the year in 2013 by Piccadilly Records. Ari Russo is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist. His recent work includes the 2013 video mining project ‘Office Fern’ in which he manipulated material from found VHS tapes to create an online exhibition. For video performances he has developed the program ‘VZ’ which allows him to create 3D visualizations that respond to live audio. Russo has also developed various MIDI programs that feed into his work. His 2014 EP ‘Wild Metals’ ties together his experience programming and interest in music, creating a soundscape which captures the interaction between manmade textures and daily life. About Something in the Attic Something in the Attic is a London-based arts initiative combining visual art with music. Founded in 2012 by Cedric Bardawil who soon partnered with Nick Hadfield, it provides a much-needed alternative to traditional art events by inviting visitors to experience work in an immersive environment. Cedric completed an MA in Contemporary Art, he runs the art advisory and monthly art club: C. Bardawil. Nick completed a BA in Film Production, he produces and programs music for ReviveHER as well as a wide range of clients in the film and fashion industries.
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