Π04: Phormix Meets π with Dvs1, Morah & 3.14

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    DVS1 (Hush, Klockworks) Morah (Phormix) 3.14 (Modal Analysis)
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  • Phormix & π crews proudly present one of the most prominent DJs of the scene, DVS1. Zak, the devious one, hailing from the USA, is probably one of the most in-demand DJs at the moment, with his marathon dj sets of 8 or 11 hours, the 4 (or even 5) gigs per weekend, boasting a vinyl collection of 10.000 records, will come to demonstrate his experience of over 20 years behind the decks. His collaboration with Ben Klock, and his label: Klockworks, the 11hours closing sets at Berghain and his numerous visits to Asia and Europe every year, are just few of the highlights we could mention. DVS1 perfectly blends Techno and House, a recipe which he also presents through his record labels: HUSH and Mistress. It’s not the 1st, nor the 2nd visit he's paying Athens, but the 3rd and luckiest. Sunday, 16th November at Six Dogs, along with support dj-sets by the Phormix and π parties residents: Morah and 3.14. DVS1 Zak aka DVS1(devious one), is one of the most prominent figures in the Midwest/US dance music landscape today. A local DJ favorite since the mid nineties, DVS1 continues to move floors with a combination of deep musical knowledge, unparalleled enthusiasm, and a vinyl collection of well over 10,000 records. As a promoter he has been responsible for putting together some of the most memorable lineups and successful events of the past 2 decades, and his advanced understanding of sound design/architecture has built a reputation of unqualified excellence for his promotion company, Hush. Zak’s deep roots and his bold and uncompromising nature have won him great respect as a passionate and outspoken defender and promoter of quality music! DVS1's range and emotional focus explains why as a DJ, Zak has garnered unique respect locally, around the Midwest and now worldwide. A consummate performer, Zak never maps out his sets ahead of time, opting to craft sets spontaneously from within the context they are intended for. He does this the old-fashioned way—with bags of wax carefully assembled from his massive record collection. This improvisational element makes each of his sets a one-of-a-kind personal expression, never again to be repeated, in which the audience’s mood and energy level always plays a notable role. As a producer, DVS1 makes music that is simple, effective and captures the feeling of the moment. His first release was charted by almost all of the heavyweights in modern techno and was described as… “stripped down & raw to the bone, the sounds DVS1 creates are that of purism & clarity, everything you need in a techno record is present. Hypnotizing electronic structures, mind bending chords and soul!” DVS1’s first release, on Ben Klocks label Klockworks (kw05) was released in Early august 2009 and has already been charted by Derrick May, Samuel Sessions, Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Stephan Goldman, Funktion, Dj Deep, Tamo Sumo, Martin Landsky, Efdemin, Dustin Zahn, Dario Zenker, Ryan Elliot, Jonass kopp, Par Grindvik, Marcel Fengler, Kevin Gormann, Tobi Neumann and Ben klock!!. There’s no slowing down with future releases for the Legendary label Transmat (Love Under Pressure EP) and another release on the horizon with Klock. As a promoter, Zak has been throwing events in the Midwest since 1996, putting aside opportunities to tour in order to build something meaningful and lasting at home. That project resulted in his promotions company, Hush, which is known nationwide for the consistency, quality, and unique atmosphere of its events, bringing international heavyweights as well as national icons to Minneapolis. Hush’s fiercely loyal local following and its privately-owned, custom-built sound system have made Minneapolis a favorite stop for national and international talent. Hush has helped give Minneapolis it's reputation as a key stop for any major artist wanting to experience powerful sound and enthusiastic crowds. Hush sound has been doing production, specifically audio services since 1997 and owns and operates its own audio system in Minneapolis, MN. Hush Sound’s private inventory consists of a full scale custom built audio system capable of taking music to an entirely different plane and allowing you to feel the music as well as hear it. The concept is simple, yet requires a true knowledge and mastery of audio engineering to deliver a true body moving experience. For full info, booking,mixes, etc. https://www.facebook.com/dvs1.hush http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/dvs1 www.hushsound.com www.myspace.com/thedeviousonempls Morah Phormix is a platform that will promote a wide range of electronic music. Its aim is to host representative and emerging artists from Greece and abroad. https://twitter.com/PhormixAthens https://www.facebook.com/pages/Phormix/1409778629257046?sk=info https://www.facebook.com/pages/Morah/381660025289549?ref=hl https://soundcloud.com/leochristopher https://soundcloud.com/phormix Morah started djing from the tender age of 16 and he has been channeling this passion for the last decade. His mixing has as a common denominator, the electronic element. He is comfortable expanding the spectrum from dance techno, electro, and house to drones and experimental distorted sounds.He has played along big names such as Peter Van Hoesen, Helena Hauf, DJ Skirt, Sawf, Perceus Trax and more. He is the founder of Phormix and a member of Frequency control team in Athens. https://soundcloud.com/leochristopher https://twitter.com/leonidas_morah https://www.facebook.com/pages/Morah/381660025289549?fref=ts 3.14 3.14 is the alias project by one of the co-founders of Modal Analysis record label. Born and raised in Athens, he is currently based in Berlin, where he lives and works for the music industry. The man under the code-name 3.14 is a dj, record label owner and a producer enthusiast. His aesthetic can vary from Techno, to deep, industrial and acid, blending over-produced and classic analog textures. He can also be found playing ambient/experimental sets. https://soundcloud.com/alxp http://www.juno.co.uk/charts/DJ/652461-3_14_Modal_Analysis/ https://www.facebook.com/3.14alxp http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/3.14
  • Π04: Phormix Meets π with Dvs1, Morah & 3.14 - Flyer front
    Π04: Phormix Meets π with Dvs1, Morah & 3.14 - Flyer back