Other People: Dave Harrington & Valentin Stip

  • After delivering the biggest highlight of our year so far, Hidden Agenda are delighted to welcome back one half of Darkside, Dave Harrington for a dj set at Opium Rooms on Friday November 14th. He plays a special showcase of Nicolas Jaar’s label Other People, with support on the night coming from French ambient producer Valentin Stip. DAVE HARRINGTON While producer/DJs are not uncommon in the slash-filled electronic music world, it's rare that an artist will venture beyond one slash. Two, maybe. Three, forget about it. And yet, here we have Dave Harrington, that rare musician whose adventurous ears and multi-instrumental chops have taken him well beyond the restrictions of genre and performance into a sort of holistic musical being, a slash-eschewing polyglot. These days, Harrington is known as one-half of the duo DARKSIDE with Nicolas Jaar, as the guitar-and-effects wizard in Jaar's live band, and as an internationally booked DJ. As a DJ, Harrington conjures a microcosm of a life spent in sonic experimentation, mixing far-flung sounds with those near and dear. Techno bangers mingle with out-jazz and international psych; indie rock rubs elbows with deep '70s fusion and house rave-ups. Harrington's live sets are journeys through progressively more alien soundscapes that swirl, shriek, and explode while remaining tethered to a floor-filling 4/4 beat. Whatever he lays his hands on, though, be it a bass guitar or an MPC, there's no mistaking Harrington's singular approach, born of a deep-rooted dedication to atmosphere, groove, and immersive listening experiences. VALENTIN STIP Valentin Stip is a Franco-American, classically-trained pianist and electronic musician. He debuted on Clown & Sunset in the spring of 2011 with his EP Anytime Will Do. When Valentin was growing up, his concert practice filled the family apartment with the echoes of Rachmaninoff and Mozart every afternoon. Relatives and friends grew accustomed to the ritual, but one friend, Nicolas Jaar, observed closely whenever he could. From watching Valentin, Nicolas learned the classical piano. Valentin has just released his debut long player Sigh on Nicolas Jaar’s subscription based Other People imprint to extremely positive reception. Germany’s Musik Express made it an Album of the Week, DJ Broadcast interview him as Artist of the Week, and Quip called Sigh a “mind-transforming experience in its ambient-electronic genre”. OTHER PEOPLE Other People is a serial label, founded by Nicolas Jaar, which releases new music weekly on a subscription based service.
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