Gary's Gang with Dave Hargadon & Dan Power

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    Dave Hargadon, Dan Power
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  • As the next generation of Gary enters the world (big ups to Dan McElligott!) this month sees a double whammy of celebrations as one half of Slowburn, gang member Dave Hargadon, drops his debut 12” on Land Of Dance, “Finding Purpose”. Recently spotted running up the charts of the estimable Clone Records store, Dave’s 4 tracker of sleek, synth driven house music is just about as good as you’d expect – so, yeah, its killer. Go out and buy it. And then come to our party and give him a pat on the back, or be really sound and get him a drink. Manning the decks with Dave on the night will be our elder statesman and owner of the fanciest record collection in the gang, Dan Power. Spending his evenings banging away on his MPC in deepest Maynooth, this is an all too rare appearance for Dan on the 1s and 2s. So come on down, have a dance, have a drink (“have a…” – Gary) and get an education in the deeper, soulful side of electronic dancing music. We’ll also have details of our December party very soon, featuring the Dublin debut of one of the hottest rising (super?)stars of the moment…
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