Ceephax Acid Crew & SFV Acid

  • Restless Nites & Donuts Party present THE RESTLESS KOOL-AID ACID TEST featuring: Ceephax Acid Crew (Rephlex, Live Hardware Set) SFV ACID (Live Set) Hottub (DJ Set) Plus Pickpocket (Donuts) & the Restless Nites DJs: Brian Tarney, Eli Glad, & Remy Marc. Saturday, October 25th, join us from Noon to 7pm on the rooftop of The Standard DTLA, for a wild, acidic party in the sky (with diamonds). Ceephax Acid Crew sees their long-awaited LA live-hardware debut, with SFV Acid (live), and DJ sets by Hottub (SF), Pickpocket (Donuts/Big Fun), and the Restless Nites DJs — Brian Tarney, Eli Glad & Remy Marc. RSVP is required, and early-bird discount tickets are available NOW, and expected to go quickly: http://restlessnites.com/ceephax “My favourite artist at the moment is Ceephax Acid Crew. It’s Andy Jenkinson, Tom Jenkinson’s brother (aka Squarepusher). Its fucking wicked. It’s funny because if people ask me “So, whos going to be the next big star of electronic music?”, I always say him. But he only does a new track like every three months or so. I’m his biggest fan and I’m always raving upfront at all his gigs.” – Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin)
  • Ceephax Acid Crew & SFV Acid - Flyer front
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