Construct with Swayzak

  • After a long, hard slog we've finally found ourselves a suitable, sort-of-regular home in the dark, brickwork confines of the Joshua Brooks basement. And who better to kick things off than the mighty Swayzak. The capacity here is strictly 200 so please try to purchase tickets beforehand if you'd like to come along. For more information on Swayzak we suggest you check the <a href=/podcast-episode.aspx?id=69>Swayzak RA Podcast</a>. Tickets Available From: Eastern Bloc [City Centre] Piccadilly Records [City Centre] Gaffs [Fallowfield] [Online] [Online] For more information please contact or visit ::: t/ +44 [0]7793 115 299 t/ +44 [0]7789 513 312 e/ [email protected] w/
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