Stattbad - Take One: Adam Port, Aerea Negrot Live, Dustin Zahn, Darko Esser.

  • Starting with the first weekend of January, you’re invited to give all your New Year’s resolutions the right finger. And on our Boiler floor you can expect some minimal gems between wild percussion and deep house beats delivered by Adam Port. Actually his way to the decks won’t be that long, because his family label keinemusik is situated in our building. Although both ladies might hate genre-pigeonholing as well, but nonetheless both are known for their drive towards pop – speaking of our live act Aérea Negrot as well as Bloody Mary. Here you get your dose with vocals, there you can dance while hearing all kind of styles in some kind of constant flirting mode. Here we go, 2015! On our Bunker, resident Andrejko will join two busy men that have more to offer than just a great record selection. Dustin Zahn comes from the American Mid-West that is known for its huge sound systems as well as truehearted and passionate scene. Just check out his label Enemy Records that already showcased releases from guys like DVS1, Psyk or Truncate and you’ll get the idea. The Dutchman Darko Esser could tell a similar story. Being a multiple label owner and booker of the club Doornroosje, he’s shaping the developments from Nijmegen since the late 90s. At the end of this month new remixes from the likes of James Ruskin, Blawan and Ben Sims that took their individual touch on material from his project Tripeo will hit the stores. Rave for a real winter!
  • Stattbad - Take One: Adam Port, Aerea Negrot Live, Dustin Zahn, Darko Esser. - Flyer front