Mk's Reminder

  • Marc "MK" Kinchen (KMS, Area 10, Defected) Thabo Getsome (King Street Sounds, Suara) Jonathan Ritzmann (Ambivalent, White Tales) -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Reminder series puts its focus on very special international artists that need to be reminded of! Always with special extended sets and never disappointing. Prince Charles is proud to present the man who knows how to „burn“ the dance floor: MK aka Marc Kinchen -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Reminder-Hall-of-Fame : Cosmic-discolegend DANIELE BALDELLI Endorphin-machine EROBIQUE Mr-put-on-your-dancing-shoes HUNEE House-luminary DERRICK CARTER Bass-bass JULIO BASHMORE Music-pharaoh THE EGYPTIAN LOVER Strictly-Jazz BOO WILLIAMS Gypsie-House TODD TERRY NYC-legend DAVID MORALES -------------------------------------------------------------------- Biography: MK is responsible for creating some of the defining sounds and biggest tracks of the early house. He has worked with the biggest international artists from Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Beyonce, but has also retained near unprecedented levels of credibility within the underground dance music scene, with records such as ‘Burning’, ‘4 You’ or ‘Push The Feeling On’ remaining staples in the wallets and boxes of house DJs the world over. Through his timeless productions, MK has influenced a new generation of producer, with the result that his sound is more relevant today than it ever has been.
  • Mk's Reminder - Flyer front
    Mk's Reminder - Flyer back