Svengalisghost - Live & Marcello Catalano - Live

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    Svengalisghost - LIVE [L.I.E.S. - Chicago] Gilles Amstel-D'Waffler [Belgian New Beat Set] Noid The Droid [Bap to the Future] Marcello Catalano - LIVE [Discomagic - Milan] DJ Leonard Rossiter [Dischi Apartmente] DJ Marco Donato [Il Chaperatti] DJ Sebastian Simonetti DJ Stefano Crosserini
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  • Ciao! Ciao! Following our return to shore from our summer excursions, we took to our villa on the Costa Smeralda to plan the Forza autumn/winter season over a grappa or two. First up in our series of is a two-floorza Forza bank holiday bonanza featuring a smorgasbord of heavy hitting transatlantic talent. Bona-fide Italo legend Marcello Catalano (Travel Sex, Klapto, Bazooka, Thomas) takes on the baton from Fred, Clay, Ken et al on the terrazza while Chicago’s Svengalisghost brings the live hardware & mic show to own Il Casa - no word of a L.I.E.S ! Il Casa An absolute def jam of a live hardware & mic-rocking set awaits us in Il Casa with the Irish debut of Marquis Cooper aka Svengalisghost aka Shadowlust of L.I.E.S & Russian Torrent Versions fame. 2014 has been the year of the Ghost with appearances at Sonar, Dimensions Festival, Boiler Room (OK, who the fuck hasn’t been on Boiler Room at this stage ? …) and now the creme de la creme - coming to take over Il Casa at Forza! A natural born artist and performer, his live shows are based on a powerful combination of sound equipment (Korg ESX, Evolver, Mopho, DX200, Mackie 1202VLZ, Electric Mo -FX) and his own voice, which penetrates his music’s granulated and reflective textures. The sound of Svengalisghost is dystopian, paranoiac and "noir" that includes flawless hooks of acid, house, techno and EBM uses hypnotic rhythms and a fork tongue to seduce thru coercion. Your will is his to possess. Opening up Il Casa we welcome into the east, the singular Noid The Droid of Galway’s Bap to the Future for his first-time behind the Forza giradischi. An encyclopaedic knowledge of the outer-reaches of The Wire magazine married with a killer dancefloor sensibility combines to create the Frankenstein love-child of Simon Reynolds and Carl Cox. The Droid will be rocking up fresh (oh, lol) from Unsound Festival, no doubt enthused, inspired & most indefinitely intoxicated by the dreams he’ll have witnessed there. No better man to work the casa floor in advance of Svengalighost. Spooky! Post-ghost, we warmly anticipate the debut appearance at Forza of the Belgian-Clondalkinite Gilles Armstel-d’Waffler for a hard-hitting set of New Beat to move your body higher, higher, hi-hi-higher. A regular at seminal Ghent club E&C (the inspiration for label R&S) back in ‘87, Gilles has been known as the DJ’s DJ ever since. Name-checked by Front 242, DAF, Absolute Body Control & Erasure-era Vince Clarke as being pivotal influences on their production-style. Gilles has been the standard-bearer of New Beat ever since hitting the 33rpm button on his Kam Made-2-Fade decks in an effort to not play so many tracks in a set.... and thus unwittingly creating a monster-monster of an Eric Hall dance craze to set Belgium & Clondalkin alight. Ladies and gentleman, the Baron of New Beat, Gilles holds court in Il Casa...In Order To Dance ! Il Terrazza Up on Il Terrazza we continue our policy regolare of showcasing the hottest stars from the era d’oro of Italo Disco. Following on from legendary live shows by Fred Ventura, Rago & Farina and Clay Pedrini we are molto felicissimo to welcome another leggenda of the scene, Marcello Catalano. Whether producing, arranging or as a vocalist Marcello Catalano truly belongs in the Italo hall of fame. Credits including many Forza anthems such as the sledgehammers Klapto - Mr Game, Thomas - Another Game, Ken Scott - The Cat as well as the gloriously sleazy Travel Sex - Sexiness. We are delighted to welcome Marcello to Forza, where his high octane live show is sure to rock the floor of Il Terrazza. Fantasico! On support, DJ Marco Dontato has p-p-p-p-picking up tracks at the rate of Il Discotto’s 1983 release schedule, and has risen quickly through the ranks to become a Forza made guy. We are delighted to welcome back Marco to the Forza giradischi. Meanwhile doing his bit for Anglo-Italian relations we have DJ Leonard Rossiter. Following a failed attempt to resurrect his acting career with a doomed pitch to LWT, and the royalties from Bravo’s repeats of Rising Damp insufficient to cover his cardigan expenses, Rossiter returns to where he is always welcome, the turntables of Forza Il Terrazza. Welcome home Leonard! Filling in the blanks and knitting the narrative together like a Moncler alpine pullover as ever will be the Forza Comitata of residenti Crosserini e Simonetti. Bellisimo!
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