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    Main Room: Terry Francis (Fabric/Wiggle), Nathan Coles (Wiggle/Wrong), EVIL Eddie Richards, (Dy-Na-Mix/Wiggle/Fabric), BEN CLARKE (Loopmusic), FRANCIS MALLINSON Room 2: SLACKSON (Elevator Suite), RORY POWER (Audio Discharge), AWON (Monsterpiece) DARREN OH (Monsterpiece)
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  • SWITCH's first birthday party!! SWITCH hosts the legendary WIGGLE night, inviting the Fabric/Wiggle residents to Bristol for one night only!! Tech house is one of the most widespread forms of dance music now, but Nathan Coles and Terry Francis have been instrumental in pioneering the sound through their legendary Wiggle parties since the early �90s. Now, for the first time, Wiggle are teaming up with Switch to hit Bristol for a party in the underground tunnels of Timbuk2. Emerging form the same South London scene that spawned the well-loved record shop Swag, Terry and Nathan had already cut their teeth as DJs during the acid house explosion of the late 80s, playing alongside the likes of Mr C, Colin Faver and 'Evil' Eddie Richards across the capital�s underground clubs. At a time when the UK dance scene had become fractured into very separate scenes for house, techno, garage and hardcore, Wiggle honed a style that blended sounds from Chicago, New York, Detroit and London, defining the spacey, groovy style that would eventually become known as tech-house. The pair enlisted unsung godfather of British house Eddie Richards as a resident, and Wiggle quickly became the centre of a vibrant scene that also spawned the likes of Layo & Bushwacka!, Grant Dell, Asad Rizvi and many more. Although it may sound like a cliche these days, Wiggle�s notoriously hedonistic crowd came from just about every background conceivable - a typical party would see a mix of skinhead ex-soccer hooligans, trendy media types, wide eyed teenagers and acid granddads losing themselves under one relentless tech-house groove. The media soon caught on, and in 1997 the UK�s Muzik magazine named Terry Francis as �Best New DJ�, leading to the Wiggle residents� emergence as worldwide ambassadors for the sound. Such was their influence, that when Fabric opened at the end of the decade, it enlisted Francis alongside Craig Richards as weekly resident, and Wiggle still holds a monthly party at the venue to this day. Fast forward to 2008, and the current resurgence of wholesome, chunky electronic house means it�s an ideal time for the Wiggle crew to hit Bristol together for the first ever Wiggle night in our fine city. SWITCH 1st Birthday party - SWITCH PRESENTS WIGGLE full line up...>> Main Room TERRY FRANCIS (Fabric/Wiggle) NATHAN COLES (Wiggle/Wrong) EVIL EDDIERICHARDS (Dy-Na-Mix/Wiggle/Fabric) BEN CLARKE (Switch/Loopmusic) FRANCIS MALLINSON (Switch) Room 2 SLACKSON (Elevator Suite) RORY POWER AWON (Switch/Monsterpiece) DARREN OH (Switch/Monsterpiece) Saturday 4th October 2008 Doors open 11pm - 6am Timbuk2, Small Street, Bristol �8 + bf - 100x Advance tickets - We urge you to buy tickets as early as possible for this event as Timbuk2 is an intimate venue - limited to 300 lucky people Tickets available from: The Bristol Ticket Shop - www.bristolticketshop.co.uk tel: 0870 44 44 400/0117 929 9008 Rooted Records - 0117 907 4372 Khoi - (40 Park street) tel: 0117 925 8090 (available from 26th Aug) Prime Cuts - 0117 983 0007 (available from 26th) TERRY FRANCIS (Fabric/Wiggle) Since winning Muzik magazines "Best New DJ" award in 1997, Terry Francis has had what can only be described as a meteoric rise to fame. To those previously unfamiliar with his flawless mixing skills and instinctive ability to work a crowd it probably seemed as if he'd arrived out of nowhere. Fact is though, he had been blazing a trail through the underground for no less than ten years before the world at large sat up and took notice. And perhaps more than anything else it was unanimously praised "Architecture" mix album that really put him on the map. A seamless mix of deep duby house, celestial breaks and ethereal vocals - it wasshot through with the kind of shimmering techno sensibility that really marked it out as something special. Some called it "tech house", whilst Terry himself jokingly described to it as "house no". Ultimately though, any labelling of Terry's style is fairly pointless because what he does is what all the very best DJ's do. He blurs the lines between the past and the present to create the future and always plays from the heart. Crucially though, he does ft just that little bit better than almost anybody else. From that point on Terry was a confirmed house music lover and within a couple of months he'd managed to secure a residency at a bar in Leatherhead, the town where he grew up. "It was downstairs in this mad basement at a rockers bar and they were all swearing at me and slagging off the music." he laughs. "Two weeks later they were all jumping about and up to all sorts." From there Terry moved on to a residency at the legendary Stems Club (spinning alongside the likes of Colin Dale, Mr C and Eddie Richards), played extensively on the south coast and did numerous guest spots at parties like London's Heart & Soul. By 1994 he felt the time was right to set up his own night and in March of that year Wiggle was born. A joint operation between Terry, Nathan Coles and their respective partners. Wiggle is a night like no other. Still, probably London's best loved underground house event. Wiggle is one of the only nights in the country that has always remained true to the original spirit of acid house, and that fact that it has sold out every time since it started pretty much speaks for itself. Aside from the continued success of Wiggle and the release of his "Architecture 2" mix album on Pagan, the last few years have seen Terry's career continue to bosom. He's constantly toured all over America, Australia, New Zealand and the far East, made weekly trips to just about every country in Europe and still found the time to record for labels like Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Alien and Primal US. In October 1999 he started a residency at London's Fabric, where he continues to delight both old hands and new comers alike each and every Saturday night. He's recently started a new vocal based project for Pagan, remixed Didier Sinclair's "Lovely Flight" and is presently recording his debut 'artist album' for Eukahouse. Not bad going for someone who started out playing to a bunch of rockers in the basement of a bar. NATHAN COLES (Wiggle/Fabric/Wrong) As for NATHAN COLES, well, what can we say about the a man who armed with a 10,000 watt grin and almost superhuman reserves of stamina? Nathan Coles completely smashed Switch when he headlined in Feb 08, highly excited about his return this time he promises to go one better� In a career spanning 15 years and 4 Continents, Nathan has rocked the international club scene with his inimitable style and unforgettable personality. Resident at FABRIC in London,. Nathan has bumped and hustled his way into the hot, humid netherworld of the warehouse party scene and in alliance with MR. C launched the legendary RELEASE parties. It was in 1994 however that he really cemented his lofty position in the house music hall of fame when he and TERRY FRANCIS begun the infamous WIGGLE parties and in the process gave birth to a musical movement now known as TECH-HOUSE. Nathan thankfully shows no signs of slowing down. Like a fine wine he surely gets better with age, where his ability to read a crowd, taste in music and flawless mixing abilities never cease to amaze and astound. EVIL EDDIE RICHARDS (Dy-Na-Mix/Fabric/Wiggle) "Britain�s godfather of house and techno." completely rocked Switch back in April with one of the most jaw dropping sets to hit Timbuk2 It has been a very busy time for EDDIE RICHARDS, dance music�s quintessential pioneer, referred to by MIXMAG as "Britain�s godfather of house and techno." Eddie was one of the first DJ�s to champion house back in the mid 80�s and one of the UK�s original mix DJ�s residing at London�s CAMDEN PALACE, fast becoming a key figure in a new music and cultural movement soon to explode worldwide. After playing at such influential and original underground clubs as HEAVEN in London and Manchester�s HACIENDA he went one to headline the legendary SUNRISE, ENERGY and HELTER SKELTER parties. Since the mid 80�s he has been included in virtually every book, documentary and film on dance culture and sought after all over the world for his flawless mix of deep bass driven techno with soulful and tough tribal house, a format he has always maintained and has led him to be widely regarded as the pioneer of what is now known as TECH-HOUSE. Most recently Eddie has been devoting more time to music production, releasing and licensing tracks with labels in the UK, Europe and USA including END RECORDINGS, HYPERVINYL, MATTER/FORM, LHB and his own labels LUNAR TUNES, DY-NA-MIX and STORM which have all been getting excellent reviews and chart placing from respected DJ�s around the world. The Dark EP licensed to VISITOR RECORDS in Belgium remains their all time best seller. With his long standing residency at WIGGLE, Eddie spins regularly at FABRIC in London and has also featured on his very own FABRIC Mix CD, surely an accolade of recognition within the scene if ever there was one. Even so, consider this, in a recent 3 month stint Eddie travelled over 97,000 miles (a distance of more than four times around the world) to spin at 40 parties spanning over 26 cities and 10 countries and this October he�s comes back to Bristol to play at Switch presents Wiggle. Saturday 4th October 2008 Doors open 11pm - 6am Timbuk2, Small Street, Bristol �8 + bf - 100x Advance tickets - We urge you to buy tickets as early as possible for this event as Timbuk2 is an intimate venue - limited to 300 lucky people Tickets available from: The Bristol Ticket Shop - www.bristolticketshop.co.uk tel: 0870 44 44 400/0117 929 9008 Rooted Records - 0117 907 4372 Khoi - (40 Park street) tel: 0117 925 8090 (available from 26th Aug) Prime Cuts - 0117 983 0007 (available from 26th)
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