Distorted Audio Pres..Simon Baker (Infant/playhouse)

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    Simon Baker(Infant/Playhouse) Supported by Distorted Ressies.. Greg Jacobs Rob LLewellyn Alec Bowman Danny Lazenby
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  • Once again Distorted Audio is back at their residency in The Purple Onion, Middlesbrough. This month our decks are graced by the techno legend also known as Simon Baker. Simon has been collecting and playing records for over 15 years. A versatile and passionate DJ, he doesn't like pigeon holing his style. But his passion is for the finest underground, deep electronic house and techno music, represented by the releases on his superb INFANT RECORD label. Simon scored his first hit in 2004 with his debut recording, released under his 'Liptrick' alias, which found it's way into the bags, and compilations of Tiefschwarz, Damian Lazarus, and Dan Ghenacia amongst others, and was signed to Ralph Lawson’s highly respected 2020 Vision label as part of an album deal. These days Simon is concentrating on solo material for various labels, including his new label, Infant Records. As usual our guest is supported by Distored's residents: Alec Bowman Rob Llewellyn Danny Lazenby Greg Jacobs Entry is £10... £8 before 10:30pm Excuse me, we are Distorted!
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      £10 - £8 before 10.30PM
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