Hidden Agenda: Erol Alkan & Ghost Culture

  • Hidden Agenda Presents: Erol Alkan + Ghost Culture Opium Rooms, Saturday October 25th EROL ALKAN We all know Erol Alkan as a great communicator and sharer of music, but it's fair to say that the wait for the first solo material from the DJ, club promoter and Phantasy Label boss has been rather a long one. He finally chose the autumn of 2013 to release his debut EP? "It's getting to the point where even though there is a lot of great music around, I just felt like I needed to get my hands dirty" Erol says. "If it doesn't exist, create it.” With "about 100" tracks in various stages of completion, we're going to be hearing a lot more from Erol Alkan as he continues on his mission to keep on challenging - not just dance floors across the world, his own artists, or those he's producing and reworking, but most of all himself: "If you can't frighten yourself I don't think you can excite other people - and I like being frightened," he says adamantly. "You have to follow your instinct, and that's what I've tried to do all my life, whether in music or anything. Instinct is the most powerful thing you have, and you have to trust it.” Back behind the dj booth for his latest release, Fabriclive77, Erol has shown that he still has that midas touch, delivering what is eaily one of the finest mixes in the illustrious series. It's a huge credit to his constantly evolving sound that he has constructed such relevant mix in 2014. GHOST CULTURE With his first two singles for Phantasy, “Mouth” and “Giudecca”, Ghost Culture emerged from the shadows with a beautifully elusive sound - glistening yet ominous, melancholy yet melodic. “Arms” is its own breed of electronic songwriting: a low, malevolent thrum emanating from serpentine grooves and whispered vocals, it's a record that moves entirely at its own pace, creating an atmosphere heavy with tension and mystery. The flipside “Understand” is born from a dusty corner of the nightclub, relentlessly growing in intensity throughout, it surrounds the dancefloor in a beautiful techno sprawl.