Fear Of Flying presents Sascha Dive *

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    The Den
    • Cable Street Studios; 566 Cable Street; Shadwell; London E1W 3HB; United Kingdom
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    Fri, 3 Oct 200800.00 - 08.00
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    Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes, Raum) Geddes (Mulletover, Murmur) Jay Massive & BLM (Fear of Flying)
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  • UK based Fear of Flying; presents Deep Vibes head honcho Sascha Dive for a night of upfront house music. Joining him will be Mulletover’s Geddes and Fear of Flying’s own Jay Massive and BLM. Sascha Dive Whenever you start to think that dance music – Techno or House or Detroit and Berlin – is better suited for elderly people, suddenly there is a silver light on the horizon. And at the moment, it is Sascha Dive who is shining really bright. This young man from Frankfurt and his label Deep Vibes Recordings is among the most promising new producers and companies in Germany at the moment who, despite clear references to early U.S.-American sounds, all have found their very own rhythm and style by now. And so has Sascha Dive (this is actually his real name!). Long before he turned 18 years old, he was deeply thrilled by the tapes his brother brought back home. He wanted to learn everything about this exciting music and hot nights out in clubs and at parties, for example Omen, XS, Wild Pitch Club or Robert-Johnson or DJs such as Ricardo Villalobos. And finally, Sascha Dive made his way into the coordinate system of Motor City in a more or less roundabout way. Records from Moodyman, Theo Parrish and Cie. telling stories about snoddy soul, flaky disco or shaking samplers are as inspiring to him as the dry funk and the abstract sounds from U.K. artists such as Baby Ford or Thomas Melchior. The inventive joint between these two styles can be found in Sascha's highly appreciated productions. Not to mention that he runs his label Deep Vibes Recordings all by himself and in a very characteristic style when it comes to artwork, A&R, remixes and productions. Moreover, he can look back on a number of extremely successful remixes and tracks released on labels such as Traum or Raum...musik and Drumpoet Community. Dive soon became famous for his first-class, deep House sounds with references to Scott Ferugson or master Tony Rodriguez. The reaction was enormous and rather unusual for this almost nihilist and cynical daily business and its innumerable records and releases. As a DJ, Sascha Dive does not hesitate to combine new and old, America and Europe, light grooves and finest melodies. He does not care whether a record is 10 years or 10 days old. What counts is its aesthetics and if the results fits in his sophisticated dramaturgy and subtlety of his set. Dive's DJ sets are characterized by his knowledge of Afro-American dance music he skilfully translates into the empiricism of the European club scene and sociology that is becoming more and more expressive.... All Time Favourites Soul Capsule - Las Ramblas – Trelik 013 Ron Trent - Feel The Rhythm – Prescription 113 Larry Heard - Can You Feel It – Trax 127 Daniel Bell - Elevate Special Projects 2 – Elevate SP2 Kenny Dixon Jr. – Transit – Three Chairs 002 Herbert – Part 1 – 5 – Phono Rhythm & Sound – All Releases – Burial Mix/Rhythm & Sound Chez Damier – Untitled – KMS 049 Pile - The Spirit (Innervision Mix by Bernd Maus) – Perlon 09 Stephan-G & The Persuader – Kaos – Svek 012 Herbert – Going Down – Soundslike 001 Mr. V – Jus Dance (Cosmic Ritual Dub) – Vega 012 Melchior Productions - Let's Go Deep – Playhouse 054
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