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    Viva City DJ Jack! Who? Daleee Craig Longstaff Mike Cooper Steve Robson
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  • SATURDAY August 30th. Little Room. Independent. Sunderland. 10pm - 4am. Electronic beats & Visual treats encompassing Electro, Indie, Techno, Hip Hop, House, Breaks... ----- VIVA CITY DJ is Bruce Tait, a cutting-edge electro-indie DJ based in Newcastle and also the bass/synth player from acclaimed über-cool electro quartet Viva City. Having honed his talents on the London club scene as a resident at Club Prologue, he has played alongside many established names and has worked with the legendary Kosheen DJs Substance & Decoder many times. Viva City DJ has also performed with Dutch star Don Diablo recently in Amsterdam, whipping up a beach full of revellers into a frenzy ahead of Viva City's live show. Closer to home he has helped shape Newcastles super fun underground club night EatDisco, gaining notoriety for his unique sets taking in electro, indie, rock & techno with a rave twist. JACK! WHO?, Iain Kirk is creator/resident of Sunderland's By Royal Appointment, a minimal/electro/techno club night that has recently reached it's first birthday. A self confessed music freak who has been engulfed in electronic music from the age of 8, drawing huge early influences to artists like Aphex Twin, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Boards Of Canada to now Switch, Stephan Bodzin, Eric Prydz, Radio Slave, Vitalic, DJ Hell and everything in between. DALEEE You know we love to debut DJs and get them out into the club environment so we bring Dalee to the club to make his public debut. CRAIG LONGSTAFF (vs. Mike Cooper). Stepping in for a resident we are pleased to have Craig back for his first Saturday Jetsons set. Back to back action into the small hours. Supported by residents STEVE ROBSON & MIKE COOPER Doors to both rooms will be open with Chris 'Phatplastic' Brackley playing at Music for Misfits in the main room. Usual door price £3. See for deals and more info. ================================= Sri Yantra Mandala Also known as the Cosmic Yantra, the Sri or Shri Yantra Mandala is the most popular of the Hindu Mahavidya Yantras. The Shri Vidya is the symbol (yantra) of nine intersecting triangles within a 'circle' or lotus, and is an interpretation of dynamic female energy intersecting passive male consciousness. The Sri Yantra is believed to be the image of the OM mantra, which in the Hindu tradition is understood to be the primordial sound of creation. There is a mysterious beauty that arises in the way that nine diverse triangles interlink to form a state of perfect balance and harmony, and the complementation of the yin and yang ~ creating 43 smaller triangles that define the Sri Yantra. Four of these triangles are orientated upright representing Shiva or the Masculine. Five of these triangles are inverted triangles represent Shakti or the Feminine.
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