Trust with Anthony Naples + Lakuti + Will Bankhead

  • Like our parties in October, this one will take place at The Laundry in London Fields with Anthony Naples, Lakuti and The Trilogy Tapes main man, Will Bankhead, all playing records from 10pm until about 5am. We'll bring in a finely tuned, nicely warmed up sound system, turn the lights down low and ensure there's plenty of space to get down. Not big fans of rules when it comes to having a good time but please don't mess around with your phone when you're inside the speakers. Other than that, just do what you need to do. x *********************************************************************** After this, our last party of the year will be at Dance Tunnel on Friday, December 12th with Oliver Hafenbauer and Bake providing the music. More info on Facebook.
  • Trust with Anthony Naples + Lakuti + Will Bankhead - Flyer front